Monday, 26 March 2012

Where are the chickens???

A few posts ago I told you I thought that we might be getting chickens so we can get eggs. I heard Mum and Dad talk about eggs after funny "jections" that would happen every night.

And since we were moving to a place with a garden, I was convinced that we were getting a couple of these fluffy things....

Turns out I might be wrong.... there have been no sign of any chickens, fluffy or otherwise. And last week the "jections" stopped. Poor Mum wasn't having leaky eyes after needles anymore. They just came home one day and said the egg was in Mum!!! Yes!! You read it right... the egg was in my Mum, NOT in the fridge like you'd expect.

The plot thickens. So no chickens, and Mum has eaten the egg.

Dad said we have to wait now. Mum said we have to wait and see if the egg grows into something special. I wonder what it might be.

I don't like waiting but it must be worse for Mum and Dad. Mum said that it's very hard to wait, especially when it's something you have no control over. She says you feel really helpless, wanting to be positive but scared to be too hopeful. And you worry about everything and then worry that you're worrying too much!

Whatever it is that this egg is supposed to grow into, I really hope it does, because I know how much my Mum and Dad want it.

Maybe it's a frog? They grow from eggs don't they?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scotty Bunny

Hi Scotty Bunny. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.  
Handsome Scotty
Can you tell me who's better to live with, Oreo or Laddy?
Hmmm...they is both pwetty cool buns! was here first and so me is "ALPHA-BUN"!!! Laddy doesn't seems to bunderstands that me is the alpha! She twies to takes over by thumping her thumpers and gwabbing the gate in her teefs & shaking & bitings it! It's vewy loud and doesn't 'complish a fing! Silly bun! Now Oreo....he is so hoppy to be wescued that he haves never challenged me for alpha! (like he could even win....hrumpf!) He noms & sweeps up on momma's bed so nofing else weally matters to him!

Gorgeous Oreo
Pretty Laddy
With Easter approaching, are you worried that the Bilby is taking over Easter in Australia and is more popular than the Easter bunny?
What the hell is a Bilby? So......NO! Me isn't all!!!

This is a Bilby... I think you're both gorgeous!
Easter Bilby in Australia
Beach or Snow?
Me is a Florida bun so, wike momma, me haves never see'd snow!! Me would wike to see's it and makes a snow-bun, but me would 'specially wikes to POOPIES in it!!!! (heehee!....poopie, poop, poopie, POOPIE!!!!) Me would puts my poopie in the snow in lops of different shapes, so me guesses you would calls me a Poopie Artist!!! Me doesn't wikes sands in my fur!!
What annoys you the most?
The most 'noying fing IN THE WORLD is when hoomans wook at me when I is doesing somefing! It doesn't matter what me is doesing, me doesn't wikes to be wooked at!! The worst is my hooman Sissy! She walks through MY living room AND WOOKS AT ME while she is walking.....through MY living room!! Me is gettings mad just finking bout it *THUMPS* When she does that, me puts my ears back & down, growls & charges her feet! Me keeps growlings & charging till me haves runned her out of MY living room! 'Scuse is so mad, me haves to stops for a minute!

*30 minutes later*

 Whew!!! Ok, where was me? Oh yea, next question.

Would you rather eat dog food or cat food?
Why would me want to eats dog OR cat food? Me haves never twied eifur one so me doesn't nose! My answer is: neifur one!!!!

Dog food is pretty yum but I also like food that my piggy brothers eat.
Who would you give the last carrot to?
That's easy!!! Me would gives my last cawwot to Bwian bun!! It would be a cawwot that could bwing himback to his momma, Aunty Kawen, and back to all of us too!!! It would be a special cawwot just for Bwian bun!! Me hopes that me did a good job for you and me hopes me gaveded you good answers!! You haved good questions for me!! Fanks you for wanting to interview me!!

Thanks heaps Scotty. To read more about Scotty's adventures go to

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Whirly Washy Thing

It was an ordinary Sunday. Mum, Dad and I went to the café where they drank pupacinos (for some reason I’m not allowed these pupacinos) and I got some BACON! You might think it was generous of Mum and Dad to share with me but you should have seen what else they had on their plates!

There were some children at the café who all gathered round to stare at me. No patting, no talking, just staring. I think they would have even outstared my pal Badger the guinea pig! I even wiped my mouth in case I had a bit of bacon stuck there but they kept staring. Just as I was beginning to get uncomfortable their parents called them away.
Then we went to the dog park which was heaps of fun. Mum and Dad had fun playing with my ball thrower/scooper, throwing the ball to each other while I went off exploring. They seemed to enjoy it so much I didn’t like to interrupt.
On the way home something weird happened. We stopped at the servo, Dad parked the car and the 3 of us just sat there waiting. I thought we were waiting for some treats or maybe something fun was going to happen but all of a sudden, the walls closed in and this Whirly Washy Thing started rolling all over our windows!!!

The Whirly Washy Thing covered all the windows on the car and kept rolling soapy water everywhere. It was also groaning loudly the whole time. I didn't panic because Mum and Dad didn't seemed worried about it but I was thinking that they wouldn't be this calm if it was me weeing all over the car!

After the Whirly Washy Thing finished we drove home. I'm just glad it didn't decide to roll all over me.

Katie & Grace

This is my exclusive interview with 2 lovely whippets.

Name one thing you love about each other.Grace about Katie: She has a snuggly bum.  (see picture)

Katie about Grace: She is a good cat early warning system.

 Is there a song that you can't resist dancing to?Both: We don't listen to many songs, only in the car when the radio is on. We
make our own songs up.  Like, when mummy comes home from shopping we go:
Where you been, where you been, where you been? What you got? what you got?
what you got? Been, been, been? Got, got, got?....
Then shove your nose in whatever bags mummy has got.
Going for a walk, going for a walk, going for a walk!
In tune to bouncing

If you were a biscuit what sort would you be?Katie: All butter shortbread - because I can have those and Grace cannot!

Grace: Digestive - because they are the only ones I ever get - other than

What is your most embarrassing moment?Katie: Running into an Electric Fence - Ouch!

Grace: Grassy poo dangle

Park or couch?Katie: Couch - you never know, someone might try to steal it if I do not
guard it.
Grace: Park, running with my friends!

To follow their adventures go to

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Law & Order Criminal Intent

What a night! Mum and I were having a cuddle on the couch when we heard the sound of metal sliding across the tiles at the entrance of our front door.
We looked over and saw that it was a blade from a box cutter. Mum very carfeully picked it up with some paper towel (too much Law & Order or CSI) . She was very upset because apparently it’s something that would hurt me if I picked it up to play with. Her first thought was that maybe the man that complained about me living here or someone else wanted to hurt me.
We live in a security building and you need security tags to get into the building. Right after we saw the blade, we heard someone go down in the lift.
As Dad was at work, Mum called the security man who said he would go through the security footage and let us know.
After half an hour of us worrying, the security man called us to his office saying he knows who did it. We went to the office to watch the video. We saw a creepy looking man get into the lift holding something wrapped in a tissue. He seemed to be holding it to his side. Then a couple got into the lift with him. When they got in, the man hid whatever he was holding behind his back. When the couple got out of the lift, the man got the blade out and started to wipe it clean with the tissue.
Mum and I watched the footage in horror as we got goose bumps (mum’s arms and my tummy). We didn’t know this man. We’d never seen him before and he definitely didn’t live on our floor.
We saw him walk out of the lift and walk back in about a minute later. He then walked out of the building.
The security man fast forwarded to determine how he got into the building and whether he used a key. But he didn’t actually come in the front door.
We saw that he originally got into the lift from the basement (Mum worked it out from the floor and brightness of the area outside the lift door) which means he would have had to follow a car in after they used their tag for access.
We went back up to our unit while the security man bravely walked around the building. Even though no harm was done, Mum and I just felt really uncomfortable about the whole situation.
Mum sent Dad messages but he was in the middle of service and couldn’t get to his phone.
After several frantic text messages Dad finally called. He was very puzzled by the whole thing. He tried to reassure Mum who was very upset (there was talk of her being emotional because of egg thing) and suddenly Dad worked it out! He knew who that creepy man was!
Earlier that morning, Dad had met a man at the front of our building. He lives in of the blocks here. They had a conversation about these stickers that had been stuck on their cars (another story) and how difficult they were to get off without leaving a mess on your window. The "creepy" man told Dad that he used a box cutter to get it off and he offered to lend it to Dad!!!!!!
By this stage Mum and I were already on our way to Dad's work. We felt so uneasy being home alone and it was a relief to know that no one wanted to hurt me or do anything to our house. We decided to go to Dad's work anyway and had fun waiting for him.
I think I see Dad!


I never thought I'd say it but I now count a few cats as my closest anipals! After getting to know them, they are actually not that bad! All you dogs out there who don't agree should give them a chance. Some cats are really lovely!

Here is an interview with one of my best cat pals, Dugal. He lives with 2 other cats Wicket and McGonagall.

What's it like living with Wicket and McGonagall?
It is fun living with Wicket because he and I play together a lot, we both lay on our backs with our bellies in the air and we chase each other’s tails.  We play in boxes together and both love to play with toy springs. I don’t like McGonagall so much because she is bossy and she smacks me for no reason.  She doesn’t play with me much either.  

Gasp! She smacks you? She does look a bit scary actually.
She is the queen of the house because she was here for quite a few years before us. She still thinks the house is hers and we are her minions so she smacks us with her claws out if she thinks that we are doing something wrong. She is a scary black panfur. 
The best part of sharing with Wicket and McGonagall is that I get to clean their plates up after they have eaten.  Wicket is a slow eater so I can push him out of the way and get more dinner.  



Was this picture of Wicket taken after a big weekend?
MOL! That pic was taken after a night on the tiles. He often has those. He is a bit of a party boy.

I have observed something interesting... can you tell me why cat's bottoms go up when you pat them?
Well, I have bad news about that Gemma.  Wicket and I don’t do that. If you do that to me, I will run away and Wicket will bite you if you do it to him.  McGonagall likes it.  We think that it feels really nice to some kitties but not others.  We  push our heads up into our staffs’ hands and rub our faces against their faces to encourage them to scritch our ears instead.  We sit up like Meer cats when we want our faces rubbed.

Wow. I can't imagine not liking it. I love it when someone pats me.
We all like to be patted or scritched in different ways here. McGonagall likes her left ear scritched but not her right. She reminds staff with a nip if they get it wrong. Wicket likes the back of his neck scritched hard and staff call me a sookylala because I just like attention (face rubs, ear scritches, chin rubs, soft and gently tummy rubs)

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
We are inside cats so we are not quite sure about a deserted island.  If you mean what would we take with us if we had to leave home, then that’s easy: 1. Staff, 2. Roo mince, 3. Nip toys & Lego boxes ;-). Is that a good answer?  Thinking about it, we do have another house on an island, but it’s not deserted.  So, if you mean that everyone ran away and left us on the island by ourselves, then we already have staff, roo mince, nip toys, springs and Lego boxes installed so nothing.  So I think the answer is.... It depends on your definition of a deserted island. :-)

Would you break the law to save a loved one?
There are no laws for cats, except some councils reckon that they can control us.  Ever tried to make a cat do what you want? So there is not need to break any laws.  We are good at breaking house rules. We pretend they don’t exist and look innocent.  Twitter must have them because it put us in jail the other day but we just made another account so that didn’t matter either.  I think the answer is that we wouldn’t need to break any laws to save a loved one (that means anyone that feeds us) because there aren’t any.

Footy or tennis?
Ping pong then nip footy. But only if the cats are playing.

What's the obsession with boxes?Aha, that’s a story in itself and staff is just finishing off a blog on that topic. Needless to say Lynley Dodd got it absolutely right when she wrote “My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes”.

Thanks Dugal. To know more about these 3 lovely kitties or follow their adventures, go to

Monday, 12 March 2012

Billy & Badger

I love my anipals. They are the best. Over the next week I will be doing a series of exclusive interviews on my blog featuring some of my friends.

Please allow me to introduce one of my best mates Billy and his buddy Badger. My piggy brother Steve has known them for awhile and I've gotten to know and love them too.

Hi Badger! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

George Orwell.

The Biggest Loser.

Approximately twelve inches.

Cyclone Tracy

Papua New Guinea


Those are my answers. Billy said you had some questions for me.

Errr... well here's my first question. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

George Orwell.

What is your top people peeve?

They only have two feet.

I've been reading Billy's blog. Do you have a foot fetish?

Certainly not.

What makes you popcorn?

I wasn’t aware that I needed a reason.

What would you buy if you were given a million dollars?

Foot shampoo.

Thanks Badger. Hi Billy! Thanks for your time. You have beautiful hair... do you have any beauty tips?

Get Gemma to slobber on you at least twice a day. Also eat plenty of basil. It does nothing for your hair but it tastes great.

If you were a fruit what would you be?

Mmm. I often ask myself that question in my more serious moments. I’m not keen on fruit generally. I liked tomatoes yesterday, but that could be different today. So bearing all that in mind I’d have to say cumquats.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Being photographed mounting Badger by the paparazzi (My male staff). I told him I was just on Badger’s back trying to get a better view of the telly, but I don’t think he believed me.

*Hides a giggle behind paw* What is an essential item in your luggage when going on holidays?

I never, ever leave the country without being slobbered on by Gemma. You just can’t get Gemma slobber overseas and my hair would soon be a mess without it.

Who would you give the last cucumber to?

I’d give my last cucumber to anyone who didn’t like cucumber. Then I could have it myself without suffering pangs of guilt.

    Thanks Billy and Badger. Read more about their adventures at

      Saturday, 10 March 2012

      An interview with a puppy.... me!

      If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
      I would love to be able to teleport so that I can pop over and visit my anipals anytime and also maybe into the butchers.

      What do you usually think about right before falling asleep?
      I'm falling asleep....

      What's your favorite song of all time?
      I don't have a favourite.... I love lots of songs but I'm loving Boyce Avenue's covers at the moment. Love Alejandro's voice!

      Boyce Avenue - Without You cover

      Boyce Avenue - Closer cover

      Which was the scariest moment of your life?
      Being attacked by a scary dog the first time I went to the dog beach. I ran away but he kept jumping on my back. I ended up running out onto the carpark and hiding under a car. Thank Dog Mum and Dad got to me quickly. The other dad didn't do anything to stop his dog.

      What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
      Toilet paper.

      Would you rather be invisble or be able to read minds?
      I'd rather be invisible so I can help myself to treats. For some reason Mum and Dad like to monitor how many treats I get.

      Pick one - chocolate or diamonds.
      I can't eat chocolate or diamonds... so neither.

      If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, or masseuse, which would you choose?
      Well, I already have all of the above at home right now. Can't see it stopping any time soon so no need to choose.

      Why did the chicken cross the road?
      Maybe to get to my house. I hear we might be getting some eggs soon.

      Do you have any nicknames?
      Gemmy, Gem Gem, Baby.... all said in a cutesy wutesy baby voice. Sometimes in a sing song voice.

      If you got given a baby elephant where would you hide it?
      In the bath. We could have bubble baths together. How big do they get?

      If you won a million dollars what would you buy?
      A raw hide chew and a Greenie.

      What are you looking forward to this year?
      Moving house and turning 1 in August.

      What gets you excited?
      Mum and Dad coming home from work, the beach, dinner, using the bed in the spare bedroom as my trampoline, dinner, my piggy brothers wheeking, going to the dog park, raw hide chews,dinner, seeing dogs on TV.... actually I get excited about heaps of things.

      Are we getting chickens?

      The mystery continues. I watched very closely last night and exactly the same thing happened. Except this time mum's eyes were more than weepy... the tears trickled down her cheeks. I gave her a big cuddle and licks after. She told me that her tummy hurts. No surprise there! I wouldn't like getting needles in my tummy either.

      I am no closer to finding out what is going on. But I did hear talk about eggs. Mum and dad said they were hoping for eggs. What does the needle have to do with eggs?

      The only eggs I know are the ones dad uses to make pancakes. But he didn't make pancackes last night.

      I know! Maybe we are getting chickens! I've seen them on TV and we are moving to a place with a garden so that could be it.

      I hope they get one like this. It's cute!

      I will let you know when the chickens arrive. I hope they're sleeping with the pigs and not me.

      Thursday, 8 March 2012

      Strange late night goings on

      I don’t like Dad’s chef jacket. Every time he puts it on it means that he’s leaving me. Just like when mum fills my Kong up and picks up her handbag.
      Apparently they have to go to this thing called work so that they can buy me toys and food. I’m not one to turn down new toys or treats but I think I would almost prefer to just have them home with me.
      My favourite time of the day is when the 3 of us are together having cuddles in bed.
      The one good thing about being apart is when they come home. I am always so happy and excited to see them. I also do this thing with my ears…. I pin them back and make a silly soppy lovey dovey face.
      My piggy brothers wheek very loudly when Mum and Dad come home but I secretly think it’s because they’re excited about getting vegetables! I on the other hand, am just truly and completely happy to see them. Mum comes home earlier and then we wait for Dad.
      Something strange has been happening in our house though. Mum and I usually wait up together for Dad when he’s working late. We'd cuddle up, watch TV or read until Dad finishes work. 
      For the last couple of weeks, when Dad comes home, usually with a treat he’s saved me from the restaurant, I've noticed that he takes something out of the fridge. He then sits down, screws on a sharp pointy needle to the end of it and after wiping a spot on Mum’s tummy, he pushes the needle into her!!!
      I’ve been watching very carefully from the other couch as they tell me not to bump Dad and each night I notice that Mum’s eyes get weepy when this happens. She also looks like she’s going to faint but not in the same way like when she spots a Sydney Swans player around.
      I don’t know what’s going on but I know Mum loves a cuddle from me after this happens. It's a mystery! I’ll be watching closely tonight…..
      Watching Mum and Dad very closely....

      Sunday, 4 March 2012

      Happy being me

      I overheard some people talking about plastic surgery the other day and Mum told me that’s when people have an operation to change something about themselves they don’t like. I think it’s sad that some people feel so bad about themselves that they want to have surgery to correct it. It might be ok if they’ve been in an accident and need to have the surgery.
      I had an operation recently and it wasn’t very pleasant. I can’t imagine choosing to go through something like that.
      Feeling sorry for myself after my op
      It’s natural to have something we’re all worried about. I know you’re all thinking it but mine is not my ears!
      I always get plenty of comments about my ears. Let’s face it, they are hard to miss. It doesn’t worry me at all and I am proud to be a member of The Big Ears Club.
      Other members of the Big Ears Club
      I think part of the reason I am happy being myself and accept my Bilby ears is because Mum and Dad always tell me how much they love me and how I’m a beautiful puppy.
      What does bother me sometimes is the tear stain under my eyes. As I was born with it, there’s not much I can do except let Mum and Dad wipe my tears away when it gets too wet, accept that it is there to stay and be happy being me.
      It got me thinking though… if it’s good being happy to be myself…. why do I get in trouble for being myself when I rip things up or run away with the toilet paper? Doesn’t make sense!
      One thing I do know is that Mum and Dad will love me no matter what even if sometimes being myself means being naughty so I will continue to be happy being me and not worry about what anyone else thinks.
      Being myself

      Home Alone

      I put on my red and white top last night in anticipation of the NAB cup game between the Sydney Swans and the North Melbourne Roos. But instead of  packing liver treats for snacks during the game, I found mysef in my playpen as Mum and Dad said goodbye.

      What's the point of a pet membership if you can't go to the games? I'm not buying the "No animals" excuse either. I know for a fact that there's a giant Swan running round at every game.

      Not happy

      To add tablet to the off sausage Mum sent me pictures of the players she got to meet and see up close as they had really good seats!

      The Mighty Swans
      A small part of me, a VERY small part (so something other than my ears) is happy that I didn't go. Dad has told me how mum was behaving at the game and it sounds extremely embarrassing! Gushing and hyperventilating over the players as she got their autographs. I would have had to sit with another family.

      One of Mum's new favs since Bazza retired
      A much better picture in my opinion

      One good thing that came out of being left at home is that the guilt leads Mum and Dad to spoil me even more than usual. When the sun made a rare appearance today, we went to the dog park where I had a great time playing chasies, had breakfast at a cafe where I got BACON and the best part is the wagyu beef Dad made me for my dinner. Got to love having a chef for a dad.


      Friday, 2 March 2012

      Moving House

      Mum and Dad told me and my piggy brothers that we are moving house soon. I am very excited about this because I will have a lovely garden to play in and there might even be other doggies in the street!
      My brother Steve has already started planning a veggie patch and a herb garden. I'm thinking about all the lovely new sniffs, hidey holes and fun to be had. But mum says before we get too carried away, we have to pack all our things into boxes.
      Why?? She said we're moving house. Why do we need to pack our things up as well? Seems pointless to me...
      Moving house
       But Mum being Mum is insisting we all start packing. She's armed with supplies such as packing tape, marker pens, labels and lists.  You'll be pleased to know that I'm being my usual helpful self and moving the pen and tape whenever she puts them down. I'm not sure why it's not appreciated.
      I've only lived here for 6 months (actually I've only been around for 6 months) and I've collected heaps of stuff, but you should see how much stuff my parents have! (Mind you, they have been around for much longer than 6 months.) Something tells me this packing business is going to be hard work.
      Dad and I have a much better idea of how to spend our weekend. Especially as this rain means I won't get to the dog park.


      Thursday, 1 March 2012

      People Peeves

      I don't understand why it's called "Pet Peeves". Pets can't possibly be annoying. It just doesn't make sense. So I've made a list of my People Peeves. There aren't many as I am usually a happy puppy.

      Having my photo taken when I'm trying to sleep.

      Someone stealing my puppacino before I can drink it.

      Resting my head on dad's arm when he keeps moving it for some reason.

      Getting caught in the act!

      Another dog spilling their water bowl and it drips down to your table.

      Getting someone's backwash at the dog park. (I now take my own water bottle!)