Sunday, 26 August 2012

Doggy Big Day Out

My pal Bailey invited me to the Doggy Big Day Out today. It was so much fun! So many stalls, shows and heaps of dogs.

Look greyhounds! Should I go over and say hello?


There was an agility demonstration and afterwards I was allowed to have a go!

I didn't really like the tunnels or hurdles but I loved the boards. Except when certain pups hold me up...

Hurry up!

There was a cutest puppy competition that I wanted to enter but I had to be under 1 years old. Can you believe this dog was allowed to enter?

He was apparently 11 months old... but I'm not so sure.... he was 95 kgs!!! And Mum worries about MY weight? Bailey and I should have just entered anyway... it's not like anyone was checking our birth certificates. Although, I'm so cute it would probably have been unfair to the others.

I met a Chihuahua called Taco.

He was cute. But not as cute as Bailey. I even got a goodbye kiss from Bailey today. Some of you will know that Bailey has not exactly been enthusiastic about kisses from me... until now!

My best pal Bailey. Isn't he gorgeous?

I also had my teeth checked by a dental vet and a pet massage. And the best thing about today... well apart from the kiss from Bailey.... look at the freebies and showbags I got.

Mum says she has claimed the piggies... since they actually fold out into bags and aren't toys I guess that's ok.

Time to go home.

Thanks for inviting me Bailey. Looking forward to our next outing.

It's been a Big Day.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I gave Mum and Dad a big scare last week. Late in the evening, just as I was coming in from the garden, I started to cough and choke. I eventually threw up but still had trouble breathing.

Mum and Dad rushed me to the emergency hospital. They were convinced I had swallowed something and was choking. After giving me an X-ray, the specialist came out saying that there was nothing stuck in me. Mum and Dad were relieved for two seconds until the specialist pulled up a chair and sat down.

This was not a good sign. She went on to say that I had an enlarged esophagus which meant I was in danger of getting fluid in my lungs and pneumonia. The main causes were ticks or sometimes this conditions just develops.

Mum's eyes started leaking heaps as the specialist said that I had to stay there on a drip. I was so scared as I was taken to a cage in the back room.

I ended up staying at the hospital in the ICU for two nights!!  Mum took a day off work to stay with me and they visited me as often as they could.

I got this Get Well message from my best pal Bailey. Thank you!

It was such a scary time for me and for Mum and Dad. All the messages of love and support we received from my Twitter pals meant so much to us.
Can I go home yet?
I had another X-ray on the second day and it showed that my esophagus  had righted itself!!! The specialist was amazed and said that I could go home if Mum and Dad watched my eating and breathing closely.

Waiting for the doctor

Resting at home

I had my leg shaved in hospital!

 I had a follow up scan a week later which showed a normal esophagus. The Vet I saw said that I was a mystery! He hadn't seen this condition fix itself so quickly before. They were originally going to do a scope but said it was best to let sleeping dogs lie.

So I'm now back to my usual bouncy self. The only difference is that Mum is watching me very closely for any signs of choking and I have been getting smaller portions of food! The up side of smaller portions is I get food more frequently so I guess I'll cope.

Thanks again to all my special friends who cared about me when I was ill. I love you all.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I have had the best weekend! It's my birthday today and I had a party yesterday.

My grandparents, neighbours, Alicia my lovely walker and my best pal Bailey all came over to help me celebrate my 1st birthday.

My mum who never bakes, got up at 6 in the morning to make me a chicken & vegetable pupcake with yoghurt frosting and liver sprinkles.

It was such an exciting day. Bailey and I had heaps of fun together. He is such a good friend, he didn't even mind when I ate his share of the cake as well.

My the cheese & liver sprinkles!

Party cups

Baby photos.. how embarrassing!

This cake was supposedly for me.. but I wasn't allowed to eat it.

Sharing birthday pupcake with Bailey

Biscuits that Mum made

Sharing my toys with Bailey... see his pretty bow?

Paw balloons

Come on Bailey!

Showing Bailey the garden

Having a rest from partying

Take home treat bag

Some of the lovely presents I got from my wonderful Twitter pals Dugal, Ruger & Stanley
I think I could get used to this birthday thing... when's the next one?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

5, 6, Pick Up Sticks....

I don't really like balls. I've seen other dogs making their Mums and Dads throw the ball for them endlessly, just so they can run after it and bring it back.

Once Dad threw the ball to me... I didn't catch it, it just hit me in the head!

One thing I do love is sticks. And where we live now is Sticks Galore! The tricky part is getting them past Mum so I can take them into the house.

Is that a stick over there?

Got it!!

Sometimes I find a special stick that needs altering so that it is less conspicuous.

Just a little bit more...

This is a good one... better take it before Dad uses it for kindling

 Mum doesn't appreciate what a good stick collector I am though. Although she did get quite excited when she found my collection in her bed under the doona.

Quick someone open the door for me before Mum gets here...

I'm surprised Mum and Dad aren't happier that I have a hobby that doesn't involve redesigning Mum's shoes. And they don't even need to throw it for me over and over and over again.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Terrible Ones

Overheard Mum and Dad discussing "The Terrible Ones". Something about how some human kids get really naughty when they get to "The Terrible Twos".  No idea why they were saying Terrible Ones then.

Anyway, I'm turning 1 on the 12th of August!!! I am so excited. I am having a birthday party with my grandparents, neighbours and my special friend Bailey is coming with his Mum.

Mum told me that I'm very lucky to be having a party as I have been a little naughty.....

Redesigned Mum's shoes...

General silliness...

I've also been practising selective hearing when I want to explore the garden instead of going inside with Mum.

To give me some credit, I have been much better behaved since going out with my new walker and getting more excercise and interaction during the week while Mum and Dad are busy at work.

Now where is the other shoe.....