Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Onwards To Victory

A very exciting thing happened last weekend. My beloved Swannies are through to the Grand Final after a 26 point victory over the Pies!!!!!

The Swannies will meet the Hawks on Saturday in a Grand Final match.

One good thing about Mum and Dad not being able to go to Melbourne for the Grand Final means we will be able to watch it together. For reasons I cannot imagine, even though I have my very own Pet Membership, I'm not allowed to go to any games.

So I will be watching it at home and cheering the boys onwards to victory.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours...

Our lovely neighbours next door told Mum that they often notice an outline of a little body with a waggly tail looking through the frosted glass part of their front door.

I'm not a sticky beak, I just like going over to say hello. Most of the time Mum just leaves me to it, but one morning she flew into a panic and ran after me.

Apparently before 6am is not a good time for visiting. Mum chased me, calling out my name. She was shouting in whispers if you know what I mean. I was only trying to be polite, but Mum was really embarrassing me, coming out in her pink jammies. This was up there with her "Wallaby Poo Dance".

Those of you who have seen my zooming videos will know how fast I am. I'm also good at dodging Mum. I ran up to their front door and tapped. The neighbours mustn't have heard me so I ran under their bedroom window and woofed a couple of times.

By now, Mum was really cranky. She had stepped on a gumnut and a twig with her bare feet in her haste to stop me. I don't know how this is my fault.... she should have worn shoes!

I was scooped up into Mum's arms and taken home before I could wake the neighbours up. Mum rang them later to apologise but they said they didn't even hear me. They did however hear MUM call out my name!

Mum says I'm lucky that they like me and we're very lucky to have such wonderful neighbours. We really couldn't have asked for better neighbours. They have been so kind and caring ever since we moved in.

One of my neighbours is very artistic and clever. He makes amazing sculptures out of recycled materials.

This is my favourite.
I have also become friends with a dog called Pixie who lives 4 doors away from me. We have been for walks together which has been fun.

Picking Pixie up for our walk.

We'd rather go to Pet Biz next door!

I hope you all have wonderful neighbours too.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lucky Gemma

It has been awhile since my last post. I have been busy hanging out with my family who are visiting from a faraway place called England. It's so much fun having them stay. I have a baby to play with and am enjoying more pats and fussing.

I'm such a lucky puppy. Not  only do I have a Mum and Dad and family who love me, I have very special pals too. It's obviously not just about all the lovely presents they sent me for my birthday but the friendship and support that I value. I just wanted to thank them all and show you the presents I got.

My best friend Bailey got me this for my birthday

My pal Dugal sent me my very own Bark Jacobs shoe along with other treats

Captain Worm Sparrow sent me a pink hairdryer, a pink bone treat box and Swans stuff for Mum & Dad

Love getting packages in the post! This is from Tilly.

Tilly sent me this amazing box of surprises

This is from Stanley who sent me so many cool toys

This beaver was one of them

Penne sent me this wonderful handmade squeaky fish

Mimi, Mac and Shelly sent me this

Ruger sent me this lovely birthday card

 This post is dedicated to all my wonderful friends, some that I haven't mentioned but they know who they are. Your love and support means alot to me.