Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

It's been awhile between blogs AGAIN. I have been very busy working in multiple roles in Sales, Marketing and Security but that will have to wait till my next blog post. Important things first.

Can you believe I'm now 2???!!!

It's my party!

Mum made me some delicious pupcakes

Nom nom nom

 Ok, I'll share...

Some of my best friends that came to my party

I felt so special having so many good friends celebrating my birthday with me.

Bailey (see him in the background) got me this cool pig

Look at the birthday card I got from the Swannies!

 My lovely Aunty Christine really spoilt me with some amazing presents.

For after bath time

 I also got some presents from Mum and Dad of course.

My cupcake collar

Giving Pixie her Treat Bag to take home. I was just making sure everything was in there...

And if all this wasn't enough, my good friend @jessiejaney gave me a fabulous present.... a portrait of me to be painted by an artist. Jessie won it but has generously given it to me for my birthday. I am very excited. Mum says it's lucky the clever artist lady can paint me from a photo. Something about not being able to sit still. No idea what she means.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes, it's the best birthday ever, even if I've only had 2....  xxx