Monday 17 February 2014

Then and Now....

Can you believe that it has been 6 months since the day my life was turned up side down with the arrival of my baby brother?

I have to admit now that it's not so bad having him around.... there's always someone to take the blame   else being naughty to distract Mum. He always looks like he's up to something, but he can't help it... that's just the face he was born with.

We do have fun together though. Ollie is loopy and loves to run around the house chasing me.

Look how much he has grown!

Ollie is such a friendly pup. Whenever we go to the dog park, he loves to go say woof to every single dog there. Mum and Dad always say, "He is so friendly, unlike someone else we know." I have no idea what they mean by that. I don't know why he has to say woof to every single dog though.... I prefer to be more selective in making friends.

We have our own beds but Ollie has no concept of personal space and loves to "share".

I'm glad now, that I didn't give Ollie away when he first came home. I've really grown to love him, and I've almost forgiven him for destroying the doughnut bed I've had since I was a baby.


Sunday 5 January 2014

Jane is Love

This blog post is dedicated to an amazing woman called Jane who was a dear friend to me and my Mum.

We returned from our Christmas holidays to the devastating news that Jane had passed away on Boxing Day. It's been almost a week, and to be honest we are still in shock.

The only reason we knew Jane wasn't very well, is because she chose to share with her friends that she had MS. You would not have guessed she was not well because she was always so full of life, fun and love for everyone around her, never once complaining about anything.

We got to know Jane and her beautiful cat, Jessie, in 2012 on Twitter. That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship filled with so much fun and laughter, as we shared our love for footy and cooking programs. I'm sure @Whatdoingdugal and @clingycat would agree, we could have provided entertaining commentary for MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules.

Jane and Jessie loved the Pies as much as Mum and I love the Swannies. Yes, those of you that know me well, will find it hard to believe that I became such good friends with a Pie supporter, but it was impossible not to love Jane.

She cared so much about animals and people. She spent so much of her time just loving everyone, even when things were hard for herself. If someone was down or sad, you can be sure that Jane reached out to them. Whenever anyone new joined Twitter, it was Jane who introduced them to me and the rest of the Anipal community.

I am heartbroken that I never got the chance to meet Jane in person. In our last phone conversation, before I went away, we talked about meeting up when I was in Melbourne next, and it breaks my heart that this will never happen now.

I will always cherish our friendship and the memories, and I know if everyone tried to be even a tiny bit like Jane, the world would be a better place.

Jane was  a passionate supporter of animal causes and in her memory, a fundraising page has been created on Animals Australia.

Click here:    In Loving Memory of Jane Forster

I also want to take this opportunity, to tell all my Anipals how much I love them and that their friendship means a lot to me.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Naughty or Nice??

There's a lot of talk at the moment about who's naughty or nice and who made it on Santa's nice list. What I want to know is... isn't spying naughty? Why is Santa spying on all of us?
Not that I have anything to worry about, of course.

I have been very nice. I even have a T-shirt that says so.

My little brother Ollie, on the other hand....

Rummaging through Mum's handbag...

And MY Chewnel handbag!

No point trying to look innocent, Santa's always spying. watching  ...... note Mum's very old, now chewed Enid Blyton book

We have been eating a treat a day from our Advent Calendar, counting down to the day we find out if we made Santa's Nice List

We even met Santa himself, and asked him then but he gave nothing away... well, he did give us some treats and called me "fussy". I can't help it if I'm selective about what treats I have!

I guess we will have to wait and find out which list we're on when we finish the treats from our Advent Calendar....

Ollie and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We may not get another chance as Mum and Dad are abandoning us again. Yes, those passports have resurfaced... but that's another blog post.

Thursday 24 October 2013

It wasn't me... it was him!

It's now been almost 4 weeks since Trouble  Ollie, my baby brother came home and I have not been able to give him away. Apparently he costs more than a 60 cents stamp to post anyway.

It's becoming obvious that he is here to stay, so being the positive pup I am, I have decided that there are advantages to putting up with him having him around.

I'm always the first up the stairs!

It's not me ruining the photos with a silly face
It wasn't me kicking mulch everywhere

I have someone looking out for Mum while I'm sniffing out wallaby poo

  Ollie! You shouldn't de stuff toys!!

If only Mum hadn't seen the first pic that Dad took... I have no idea how that fluff got on my paw..

Mum! Someone emptied the toy box!

There's someone else to take the attention away from MY ears
After bath time crazy zoomies are much more fun with someone else
It's actually not that bad having someone to cuddle up to when Mum and Dad aren't around.....
All in all, having a brother isn't that bad I guess. Especially if he keeps doing all the things I'm not supposed to do.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Brother for Sale.... Free Postage

Anyone interested in a brother? I have one for sale and will pay for the postage myself with this stamp.

Let me tell you about him.

His name is Oliver or Olly. He already knows his name and will come running when called

He will also come running when not called

He enjoys testing out beds for comfort and will also share your clothes. By share I mean wear. (It's my Barry Hall top... I don't care if it no longer fits me!)

He will make sure you are safe in the car by holding on to your collar even when the car is still

He loves going to work and gives new meaning to sleeping on the job

He gives good Shitzu massages by walking all over your back

 He likes unpacking toys and will also scatter them all over the house, changing the d├ęcor of your home

If you need to stay awake, you can count on Olly to help you. Too bad if you don't

 He will be your shadow and has no concept of personal space. Perfect for those who dislike privacy

He falls asleep watching TV so you can watch what you want

When you're having a self conscious day, he will make you look as huge as you feel

I have been an only child for 2 years so it has been a shock to suddenly gain a brother. I am also most appalled to learn that our birthdays are exactly 2 years and 2 days apart. I hope Mum knows better than to start thinking about "combined" parties!!! 

Actually, to be honest he can be heaps of fun and it's kinda nice being a big sister and having someone look up to me... I might keep him for a bit longer...

Thursday 5 September 2013

I'm so busy doing nothing, I can't do anything else!

Mum, Dad and I now work together. It is the best thing to happen to our family recently as it means we get to spend more time together.

Mum and Dad will say that they run the show but let me tell you who really does all the work!

I am Security dog, Sales dog, Admin dog and Public Relations dog all at the same time.

Going to the RTA

Me with my briefcase in the office

There are some perks to the job of course....

Love the wind in my hair
I get to meet all sorts of people who come to buy cars. Most of them are lovely. Some are funny.... like the man who didn't like me touching his suit with my paws. Excuse me, but the fashionista in me just wanted to feel the fabric. Another man drove more than 2 hours to buy a car, only to be told by his wife he wasn't allowed to. Hee hee... good to know I'm not the only one that gets told no!

I am exhausted after a day at work though.

But it is worth it because I get to spend all day with the two people I love most in the world.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

It's been awhile between blogs AGAIN. I have been very busy working in multiple roles in Sales, Marketing and Security but that will have to wait till my next blog post. Important things first.

Can you believe I'm now 2???!!!

It's my party!

Mum made me some delicious pupcakes

Nom nom nom

 Ok, I'll share...

Some of my best friends that came to my party

I felt so special having so many good friends celebrating my birthday with me.

Bailey (see him in the background) got me this cool pig

Look at the birthday card I got from the Swannies!

 My lovely Aunty Christine really spoilt me with some amazing presents.

For after bath time

 I also got some presents from Mum and Dad of course.

My cupcake collar

Giving Pixie her Treat Bag to take home. I was just making sure everything was in there...

And if all this wasn't enough, my good friend @jessiejaney gave me a fabulous present.... a portrait of me to be painted by an artist. Jessie won it but has generously given it to me for my birthday. I am very excited. Mum says it's lucky the clever artist lady can paint me from a photo. Something about not being able to sit still. No idea what she means.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes, it's the best birthday ever, even if I've only had 2....  xxx