Saturday, 9 February 2013

My 2nd Christmas

It's been awhile between blogs. Mum has been super busy (or so she says) and I'm not allowed to use the laptop without supervision.

I realise Christmas was a long time ago now but I have to share how wonderful my 2nd Christmas

It all started with the decorations... such beautiful sparkly dangly ornaments, just within reach... and presents!

Why do I have to wait until Christmas Day??

This Christmas was especially exciting as I was part of a Secret Santa group with other anipals from Oz and New Zealand. Each of us got given a pal we had to send a gift to and we promised not to reveal who it was. A big thank you to Jessie who had the big job of organising us all.

My Secret Santa was so kind and generous! I arrived home one day to find this huge, beautifully wrapped box on the doorstep.

So many gifts for me AND Mima!!

 My pal Bailey came over to visit

 Some wonderful presents I got from my pals Stanley & Tilly

 I even got more cards than Mum & Dad!

I am a lucky pup.