Sunday, 24 June 2012


I have had a busy weekend. Mum and Dad went off to the SCG on Friday night to watch the Swannies play, leaving me and Mima at home to watch the game on TV by ourselves. In some ways, this was good as it saved us the embarrassment of being with Mum and Dad when they're in screaming, flag waving mode. It was a close game... almost too exciting for me but I am proud to say the boys in red and white managed to pull it off.

Mum and Dad had some friends over for a Barbie on the Saturday. There was so much food! I made sure that anyone clumsy enough to drop any food wasn't embarrassed by getting rid of it before anyone noticed. It was the polite thing to do.

My Grandparents also came to visit and they stayed the night. I noticed they didn't bring their alarm clocks with them so I woke them up bright and early. I didn't want to startle them so I woke them gently by pressing my cold nose on them. Grandma brought her lovely pink slippers with her and I took one upstairs to keep it safe. I also stayed under close to their feet in case they needed me to help them with anything. I wasn't sure if they knew I was there so I jumped up alot. I heard mum mutter words like "showing off", "cheeky" but she must have been talking about Mima who was wheeking alot and demanding veggies.

After my Grandparents left, Mum and I walked up to our local Petbiz.

So much to sniff along the way...

Choosing treats...I wasn't allowed to sample any!

I made a new friend at Petbiz. I didn't appreciate the comments I heard about "size difference"!

Checking out the toys... yes Dad, I do need more.

Finally home.

Mum got me this cheese biscuit.

Dog-tired!!! Zzzzzzzz.......

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Intruder Alert

Found this strange looking thing in my garage. Does anyone know what it is? Party pooper  Mum wouldn't let me play with it.

Sunshine Award

I get told this all the time but I am most definitely a lucky puppy. I have been awarded the Sunshine Award for my blog 3 times!! I was given the award by 3 lovely anipals with wonderful blogs of their own.

My most heart felt thanks to:




Please check out their blogs.

As part of receiving this award I have to answer a few questions and pass on the award.

Favorite number: I pick 1. For no reason.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Errr... is there more than one drink?? I've only ever had water! Mum!!!!

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. I don't have a Facebook account.

My Passion: I have many passions that change all the time. A current passion is wallaby poo and another all time passion is my footy team Sydney Swans.

Favorite pattern: I like pink love hearts.

Favorite Day of the Week: I love Saturdays because even though Dad is usually at work, Mum is home with me.

Favorite Flower:  I love gerberas. (Like on the Sunshine Award!)There's always heaps of them around the house. Mum says they are happy flowers.

Now I have to pick some bloggers to pass this onto.  Here are some blogs that I love and bring sunshine into my day..

My new pal Bailey

Mr Bumpy who is my friend even though I'm a dog

My whippet gal pals

Garth Riley... his blog makes me smile

And some other blogs I love

Hope you enjoy these blogs like I do.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gemma the Explorer

Those of  you who live in Sydney will know that it has been cold and wet. This has been a huge problem for me, because I do not like to get my paws wet. I have even had a couple of "accidents" inside because I just refuse to go out in the rain.

Last weekend when the clouds held onto the rain for awhile, I managed to get outside. I had so much fun exploring the rocks outside my house and searched for wallaby poo in the bush.

Wallaby poo is a new discovery of mine and I also discovered I love it. Mum must love it too because she does this excited dance and squeals whenever I find any. Her level of excitement increases when I try to bring it home with me. Imagine how excited she will be when I leave some for her as a surprise!

Rock Climbing

Has a wallaby been here?

Sorry Mum, no wallaby poo here.

I'm like a mountain goat!
I'm not going to get stuck!
Time for a nap I think

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Busy Gemma

Here are some things that I like to do....

Going to hardware shops. There are so many things to look at and so many smells!

Watching TV. I keep getting told I'm going to get square eyes. Yeah right.

Playing with my new toy fish that the lovely Crafty Parrot Lady made for me. Ask me if you would like one.

Helping Mum with the cleaning.
Lounging in my favourite chair.
Having a nap. It's exhausting being as busy as I am.

Monday, 4 June 2012

My brother Steve

About a month ago, we lost my piggy brother Steve to something Mum and Dad called old age. Steve was a good brother, even if he did not like sharing his lettuce with me. We are all very sad.

Mum and Dad are especially sad as Steve has been in our family for a long time. I would like to dedicate this post to him. We loved Steve very much.

Meeting Steve for the first time

Sneaking off with some of Steve's lettuce!

Steve had a beautiful piggy girlfriend called Truffle.

"For my dear boarfriend Steve, I will never forget your sweet personality, charming crested piggy face or the lovely poem you wrote for me. I know that you are eating corn husks, popcorning free, somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. ♥ always, Truffle "

Here is a link about their long distance romance.

Steve used to hog the laptop!

Steve also had a good mate Billy the Pig who has written a poem for him.

I wish I’d known him longer, that guinea pig called Steve,
I loved to hear his cavy tales, the yarns that he would weave.
He spoke to me of tastes unknown, of corns husks, beans and peas.
A brand knew taste for Steve the Pig was a chance he’d always seize.

Steve was like a brother pig, a pal both strong and true.
Friends as good as Steve the Pig are very, very few.
He’s left us now.  The Rainbow Bridge called for Steve to come.
We’re sad but happy knowing that our pal Steve is having fun.

Love Billy.

(Billy has his own blog at  )

Steve and Mima

Mum, Dad, Mima and I miss you Steve. xxxxx