Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gemma the Explorer

Those of  you who live in Sydney will know that it has been cold and wet. This has been a huge problem for me, because I do not like to get my paws wet. I have even had a couple of "accidents" inside because I just refuse to go out in the rain.

Last weekend when the clouds held onto the rain for awhile, I managed to get outside. I had so much fun exploring the rocks outside my house and searched for wallaby poo in the bush.

Wallaby poo is a new discovery of mine and I also discovered I love it. Mum must love it too because she does this excited dance and squeals whenever I find any. Her level of excitement increases when I try to bring it home with me. Imagine how excited she will be when I leave some for her as a surprise!

Rock Climbing

Has a wallaby been here?

Sorry Mum, no wallaby poo here.

I'm like a mountain goat!
I'm not going to get stuck!
Time for a nap I think


  1. Wallaby poo would make an excellent holiday present for your parents ;)

  2. Oh Gemma wallaby poo!!! Oh how exciting - I'm going looking for some of that! What a great idea to take it home as a surprise!



  3. Hey Gemma, we've awarded you a Sunshine Award. Just pop on over to my blog and you can see what it's all about!



  4. Hi Gemma,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! The picture of you at the top of your blog is SO incredibly cute! I think you must be the cutest puppy EVER!

    Wallaby poop sounds wonderful. I like to eat rabbit poop, and we have lots of rabbits who visit our yard because they like to eat the clover, so every day I find new piles of rabbit poop treats!

    your pal,

    1. Hi Garth! Thanks. I love your blog and all your photos. I have a piggy brother so I have access to piggy poo... when mum isn't around. xx

  5. hi gemma. i found you on the blog hop. i love your adventure! looks like great fun.
    wags, bailey