Monday, 4 June 2012

My brother Steve

About a month ago, we lost my piggy brother Steve to something Mum and Dad called old age. Steve was a good brother, even if he did not like sharing his lettuce with me. We are all very sad.

Mum and Dad are especially sad as Steve has been in our family for a long time. I would like to dedicate this post to him. We loved Steve very much.

Meeting Steve for the first time

Sneaking off with some of Steve's lettuce!

Steve had a beautiful piggy girlfriend called Truffle.

"For my dear boarfriend Steve, I will never forget your sweet personality, charming crested piggy face or the lovely poem you wrote for me. I know that you are eating corn husks, popcorning free, somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. ♥ always, Truffle "

Here is a link about their long distance romance.

Steve used to hog the laptop!

Steve also had a good mate Billy the Pig who has written a poem for him.

I wish I’d known him longer, that guinea pig called Steve,
I loved to hear his cavy tales, the yarns that he would weave.
He spoke to me of tastes unknown, of corns husks, beans and peas.
A brand knew taste for Steve the Pig was a chance he’d always seize.

Steve was like a brother pig, a pal both strong and true.
Friends as good as Steve the Pig are very, very few.
He’s left us now.  The Rainbow Bridge called for Steve to come.
We’re sad but happy knowing that our pal Steve is having fun.

Love Billy.

(Billy has his own blog at  )

Steve and Mima

Mum, Dad, Mima and I miss you Steve. xxxxx


  1. Oh dear Gemma. There are leaking eyes in our house again.

  2. Oh Gemma... what a touching tribute. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and memories with us. Hugs from us all -Truffle

  3. Gemma, we are soo sorry to hear/read about Steve. it's always so sad when a member of the family leaves us. What a lovely tribute to Steve you have written. May he be happy up there, eating as much lettuce as his little 'feet' can hold!



  4. Such a sweet tribute to Steve. I'm sure you all miss him very much. Your bloggie is fantastic.

  5. Awe, I love your heart Gemma! What a sweet loving and wonderful tribute to your brother & friend Steve. I know he really loved that.
    Love & puppy kisses,
    ~ Pixel

  6. What a lovely tribute to Steve, Gemma. Beautiful pictures and an amazing poem from Billy.

    I am sure Steve is eating lovely fresh herbs at the rainbow bridge.