Thursday, 7 June 2012

Busy Gemma

Here are some things that I like to do....

Going to hardware shops. There are so many things to look at and so many smells!

Watching TV. I keep getting told I'm going to get square eyes. Yeah right.

Playing with my new toy fish that the lovely Crafty Parrot Lady made for me. Ask me if you would like one.

Helping Mum with the cleaning.
Lounging in my favourite chair.
Having a nap. It's exhausting being as busy as I am.


  1. Gemma,
    You've got even more outfits than Mr Woof. (He says that's cause you're a girl.) You're a very fashionable animal.
    Mr Bumpy,

  2. Gemma, hardware shops are the BEST. I love those too! But I have to say, you are setting a bad example with the cleaning - my She Two Legged One has just seen your very helpful nature and said to me "Now, Groucho, look at Gemma helping out - we've never seen you do that". But they have seen me do LOADS of lounging. BTW, we love your lounging chair - you look very elegant sitting there!

    have a good weekend - hope it involves more visits to the hardware shop!



  3. I like the look of your favourite chair Gemma, but I'd never be able to get in or out of it without the help of my staff.