Sunday, 24 June 2012


I have had a busy weekend. Mum and Dad went off to the SCG on Friday night to watch the Swannies play, leaving me and Mima at home to watch the game on TV by ourselves. In some ways, this was good as it saved us the embarrassment of being with Mum and Dad when they're in screaming, flag waving mode. It was a close game... almost too exciting for me but I am proud to say the boys in red and white managed to pull it off.

Mum and Dad had some friends over for a Barbie on the Saturday. There was so much food! I made sure that anyone clumsy enough to drop any food wasn't embarrassed by getting rid of it before anyone noticed. It was the polite thing to do.

My Grandparents also came to visit and they stayed the night. I noticed they didn't bring their alarm clocks with them so I woke them up bright and early. I didn't want to startle them so I woke them gently by pressing my cold nose on them. Grandma brought her lovely pink slippers with her and I took one upstairs to keep it safe. I also stayed under close to their feet in case they needed me to help them with anything. I wasn't sure if they knew I was there so I jumped up alot. I heard mum mutter words like "showing off", "cheeky" but she must have been talking about Mima who was wheeking alot and demanding veggies.

After my Grandparents left, Mum and I walked up to our local Petbiz.

So much to sniff along the way...

Choosing treats...I wasn't allowed to sample any!

I made a new friend at Petbiz. I didn't appreciate the comments I heard about "size difference"!

Checking out the toys... yes Dad, I do need more.

Finally home.

Mum got me this cheese biscuit.

Dog-tired!!! Zzzzzzzz.......


  1. Gemma,

    I do believe you are the cutest pup EVER! I LOVE the photo of you curled up asleep! And what a cute sweater!

    It's very nice of you to help out your guests by discretely cleaning up any spilled food, being so available and attentive to their needs, and keeping your grandma's slipper for safekeeping. What a wonderful hostess you are.

    Thank you again for the Sunshine Award! I wrote a post about it today: ( Your blog makes me smile too!

    your pal,

  2. Gemma, I don't know about this ball game stuff. Why do you think humans like to play with balls that don't jingle? Mr Bumpy (on Mum's account.)

  3. Wow you have been SO busy I need a snooze just thinking about all that hard worl!

  4. Is there a cuter dog in the universe? I don't think so. Lovely post as always Gemma.

    Billy & Badger

  5. ah Gemna, waking up two legged ones by pressing wet cold noses on them is the nicest thing in the world to do - I have done it once or twice and it's the BEST fun!!

  6. Gemma,

    You should enter my silly photo contest. I bet you have some silly photos!

    your pal,