Monday, 27 February 2012


Sundays are my favourite day of the week. It's the day that mum and dad are both home from a place they call work. We always end up doing something fun.

This week we went to the beach and saw my grandparents. Mum and dad were convinced that I had gotten out of the wrong side of the bed because I was naughty from the second we arrived.

It all began with a wee in the spare bedroom shortly followed by a poo in the lounge room. Grandparents were very kind but mum was horrified! I don't understand what the big deal was.... they usually shower me with praises when I do it outside.

I was glad we got to have a lovely day together at the beach. We were all a bit shaken up earlier in the week by some unexpected events. I learnt that not all humans are kind and loving. Some are mean and don't think twice about doing the wrong thing. I also learnt that we shouldn't let these type of humans stop us from being kind. But we should try to be a little wiser in who we trust.

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  1. can't get vid, but so glad recent bad luck isn't going to affect your loving nature! can't believe how adorable you are Gemma!!!! & Steve looks like a sweetie too! XO :)