Monday, 1 October 2012

Working Dog

No I haven't turned into a cattle dog but I am working! Mum & Dad are always leaving me to go to "work" and telling me it's so they can earn money to buy me treats.

Well, I decided to earn my own liver treats! With Mum's help I have now got my own store!

Check it out here   My Store - Gemma's Little Gems

It is still growing and I will be adding lots of pretty things all the time.

You will see that there is a page called Gemma's Giveaways. The first Giveaway will be chosen on Friday 5 October. You just need to tweet a pic of you looking glam for a chance to win something fabulous! I have already received a fantastic entry from @WhippetPickle looking very glam in his pink dressing gown. Will post pics later with his permission.

Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Me posing for my glam shot


  1. Very cool stuff in your shop, Gemma! Now I will have to figure out how to tweet to enter your giveaway!

    your pal,

  2. Hey Gemma. Congrats on getting your own shop. Your such a slave to fashion though.

  3. Don't work to hard!!

  4. Hey Gemma,

    Those are sume grate cowdogs wooo haf on this post, but wooo are JUST as good lookin' :)
    Der sume luvly fings at your store. I hope your moneybox is getting nice & filled up wif moneys to buy noms?

    Tail wags,