Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last Straw

If you have read my blog before you will know that I am creative, resourceful and determined. I enjoy redesigning Mum's shoes and finding ways to reach interesting items that have been carefully placed out of my reach.

Mum, however, doesn't always appreciate my talents and will often try to stifle my creativity. One day, after she caught me running past the bathroom with one of her shoes in my mouth, she told me it was the last straw. I don't know what the big deal was, I had shortened one of the bows on the shoe for her, while she was in the shower and was merely putting it back. Apparently the first straw appeared last week when I helped myself to a whole block of cheese left on the table. No one wanted it anyway! And if all these straws were appearing, I'm sure my piggy brother Mima would appreciate them.

Getting back to the shoe, after mum discovered what I did, she shouted at me and my redesigning efforts were rewarded with a smacked bottom.Well I showed her! When Dad got home from work, I was all over him.

Before Mum could tell him what happened that day, I snuggled up to Dad, being as cute as possible and ignored Mum all night. Dad was distracted by the attention, Mum was bothered by the lack of attention, and nobody mentioned any straws!
Chief Shoe Designer

Bailey, my BFF and partner in cheese crime



  1. What a brilliant way to get out of trouble!! I will have to remember this one, you are very wise!!

  2. Meeoooowwww! You know how to handle the humans! Mr Bumpy - on Mum's account.

  3. Tehehehehe!!
    Dat was tellin' your mum. I bets wooo furgived her pritty qwick tho?

    Tail wags