Sunday, 2 December 2012

Testing Mum's Patience

This weekend I learnt that Mum is not a very good student. She has told me repeatedly all weekend that I'm testing her patience. Well, I don't remember even giving her the test, but I'm pretty sure she failed.

Mum and Dad woke up one morning to see lots of white fluff around them. No Australia is not about to experience a white Christmas. Somebody had ripped a hole in the doona and pulled the fluff out! Without even a quick investigation, it was decided that I was the culprit.  

Later in the day, somebody went into the study and took a Christmas card. Ok, I admit I took it, but I don't know who ripped it up...

I have no idea who ripped it up...

It must have been the same person who took some paper towel out of the bin and ripped it up, leaving it all over the lounge.

Who looks guilty??
Until I appoint a defence lawyer, I think this might be the best place for me...


  1. Oh Gemma, it must be one of those weekends ........ I apparently set the same test Friday evening - I am quite sure it's not our fault that they faill these tests!

    Lay low little one!,,,



  2. Me and Nellie think that S.O.D (someotherdoggy) has been to visit you as he sometimes likes to visit us. Just ignore him and he will go away. Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  3. Oh Gemma,
    I think you need a good lawyer. Humans jump to conclusions. When any of my humans find any of their papers shredded they say it's me. When anything is knocked off benches of shelves and broken they say it's me. I keep saying, the budgies could get out of Budgie Towers and do it when they're not looking, or Mr Woof might climb up there (despite his age and arthritis), but no, everyone blames the cat!
    Mr Bumpy

  4. Stay cute and carry on! That's our motto :)

  5. Sounds like someone isn't appreciating all your hard work!!

  6. We will have to start a Defence Fund for you Gemma ... here is my pocket money for the week a whole 5c!

  7. Why do humans always blame us for these things when there are a number of other rational explanations? Like ghosts, for instance. And aliens. And magic spells that cause white fluff to burst out of the doona and cover everything. I trust you can find a good attorney who will clear your name.

    your pal,

  8. I am certain you have been falsely accused! PS: loved the interview!

  9. Love your blog! My Max is super talented at the "pretend you don't hear Mom" thing...especially when it's raining and time to go outside!!