Friday, 30 November 2012

7 Random Facts...

My lovely anipals Sassy, Groucho and Dugal have given me more awards which you can read about in the following links. Please take the time to check out their wonderful blogs while you're there.!/2012/08/our-first-blog-award.html

I have to apologise that it has taken me so long to respond to these kind awards... I blame mum for not letting me use the laptop when she's out.

As part of receiving this award, I have to tell you 7 random facts about me.

7 Random Facts About Gemma...

  • I'm addicted to watching TV. Mum and Dad keep telling me I'm going to get square eyes. Whatever. They say the weirdest things!
  • The skin on my tummy is getting patchier.... something the vet calls pigmentation. I don't know who she's calling a pig!

Hanging out watching TV... check out my spotty tummy!

  • I have a wallaby in my backyard.
Wally the Wallaby

  • I believe all paper should be shredded but won't admit to assisting the process.
I don't know who did it....

  • I love going to the beach, swimming and digging for crabs.

  • I like to sleep on my back.
  • I'm obsessed with soft toys.

Thanks again to my wonderful anipals for giving me these awards. xxx

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  1. Gemma, we loved reading Your 7 facts and the pics are great - particularly the one of you assisting in the shredding duties!