Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Abandoned Again...

If you read my blog regularly you may remember that I was abandoned last year when Mum and Dad went to Malaysia. Mum came back and missed me so much she said that she was going to throw her passport away because she was never leaving me again.

Well. Clearly the passport was just hidden and not THROWN AWAY because I was abandoned AGAIN!

I spent the week with my Grandma and had 2 sleepovers with my pal Bailey. I had heaps of fun and was spoilt rotten (as I should be) but that is not the point. Mum and Dad still left me AGAIN.

Sleepover at Bailey's

Mum and Dad are now home with NO treats or toys for me. Apparently they went to some island and there were no toys for dogs. Likely story.

They went to a place called Vanuatu and stayed on a little island called Aniwa.

People there speak a language called Bislama which uses some English words

Mum and Dad stayed with a lovely family and got to experience village life on the island.

Their hut by the ocean

 Volcanic stones floating in rock pools. Mum nearly stepped in them!

 The family that Mum and Dad stayed with were lovely and looked after them so well. They caught fish and lobster from the ocean each day for their dinner. Breakfast was homemade bread and fresh fruit from the jungle.

They thought of everything to make Mum and Dad comfortable. From organising the only truck on the island to pick them up, the welcome flower and coconut drink on arrival, to all the thoughtful little gestures, Mum and Dad felt like they were at a 5 star resort.

The dining room

The oven
When they weren't pining away for me, Mum and Dad spent their time snorkelling, swimming and fishing. They went for walks in the jungle and learnt heaps about the plants and trees and all their uses. The family also took them to visit the village. They were invited to a John Frum event where members of the John Frum Movement sing and play music from 7pm every Friday until 6am Saturday. Dad tried spear fishing too.

I wish I could have gone to Aniwa. Mum and Dad say it was an experience of a lifetime.

Mum was shown how to weave mats and baskets but I don't think we will be redecorating soon.... Mum should stick to jewellery making!
Mum and Dad were lucky enough to visit a Custom Village and the Chief showed them around. The people there even did a dance for them! Mum was very excited to see that lots of pigs lived there.

The children at the village were so beautiful. They gave Mum and Dad fruit that they picked from the jungle and the Chief showed them a fruit that makes red face paint.

I thought leaving me for a week was a pretty crazy thing to do but that wasn't the craziest thing Mum and Dad did. They climbed up an ACTIVE volcano!!!!!

They sat on the edge of it and watched the hot lava fly up into the sky!!!! The locals told them they had to stand still if any rocks flew their way.... they were supposed to keep their eye on it and just step aside! I'm not sure they would have followed that advice...Mum and Dad would have run faster than me zooming in the park if lava came their way.

After the amazing experience of island life, Mum and Dad spent their last night in Vanuatu at a beautiful resort before coming home to me.

Let's see how long the passports stay hidden for this time...


  1. Dearest Gemmma next time you are home alone do a search for that passport thingy ... then rip it in shreds and flush it down the human potty! It looks like they only missed you a little bit as they were having such a good time and eating such good noms. Have to retrain them to watch MKR starting again on Easter Monday night! xxx's wih much love

  2. They leave you alone and brought back no treats or toys for you? Would be an issue for Animals International! Islands with no toys for dogs ..." lame excuse, pfff.

    Erm, aside from MKR don´t forget to retrain them to Fantasy Footy :)


  3. Where did your parents find a holiday like that?? Wow... I assume the fist thing your parents are doing now they are back is taking the case they should have filled with toys for you to the local shop and filling it with toys and treats for you??!!

  4. Gemma, we miss you where are you??



    1. Hi Groucho!!! *hugs* I haven't been able to blog because I have been super busy and my laptop blew up. I'm back now. :) xx