Friday, 14 June 2013

I'm baaaack!!!

It has been a long time between blogs. I have been very busy supervising Mum as she started a new job, we took Gemma's Little Gems to the markets, and to top it all off, my laptop blew up. Thankfully, I now have a new laptop and I'm back online.

Mum and Dad have kept their word so far about throwing their passports away. We even went on a family holiday to the country! We stayed at a lovely place called Barrington Riverside Cottages.

Are we there yet....???
 There were other dogs on holidays with their families there too. We had so much fun exploring the farm together and sitting round the fire. Mum was quite pleased it wasn't me that tried to steal a block of cheese from the platter!
Met a funny creature

Me by the river

Quack Quack to you too....
Relaxing on the deck

Holiday Club

Have you got a favourite holiday destination?


  1. We so missed your bloggy Gemma! Glad you have figured out the new Lappy and love love the pics of you on holibobs

  2. What a great holiday you had Gemma. My humans never take me anywhere. But that's OK, because I hate the car.
    Mr Bumpy.