Saturday, 22 June 2013

Weird things Mum and Dad do

I don't know about you, but I've come to the conclusion that my Mum and Dad are quite strange. Let me share some of my observations with you....

  • Dad bought coconut oil spray for cooking but my Mum sprayed some on her hair!
  • Mum often puts leaves, twigs and dried flowers into a little mesh ball and pours hot water over it and then... drinks it! And I get in trouble for bringing leaves and twigs into the house.

  • Mum and Dad just eat their treats and don't bother hiding them around the house.

  • Dad doesn't like sharing his socks with me. I think it's selfish... I only want one and he has two that are the same.

  • Mum will only cuddle me if she's not wearing a black top. If she is wearing a black top I have to wait till she gets changed. I have no idea why...

  • More weird behaviour observed around clothes... Mum will sometimes roll a sticky roller over her clothes to collect my fur. What does she want with my fur?? If she told me what she wanted it for, I'd consider giving it to her.
I wonder if I'll ever work them out... *sigh*
In spite of this odd behaviour, I love them to bits. They can't help being strange.


  1. Hahahaha we love you Gem!!

    Missing you heaps xxx

    P.S we don't understand the coconut oil in the hair either.

    Can't wait to see you.

    Love Alicia & Bailey

  2. BOL.. Humans.. I'll never understand.

  3. I'm glad that my parents aren't the only strange ones, I've often wondered many of the same things myself!

  4. Oh, Miss Gemma, humans are very strange. But I'm sure they love you and that's what matters. I would love you - er - if I was your human. My Mum is always doing strange things, but she loves me and that's all I care about. - Mr Woof (using Mum's account).