Thursday, 24 October 2013

It wasn't me... it was him!

It's now been almost 4 weeks since Trouble  Ollie, my baby brother came home and I have not been able to give him away. Apparently he costs more than a 60 cents stamp to post anyway.

It's becoming obvious that he is here to stay, so being the positive pup I am, I have decided that there are advantages to putting up with him having him around.

I'm always the first up the stairs!

It's not me ruining the photos with a silly face
It wasn't me kicking mulch everywhere

I have someone looking out for Mum while I'm sniffing out wallaby poo

  Ollie! You shouldn't de stuff toys!!

If only Mum hadn't seen the first pic that Dad took... I have no idea how that fluff got on my paw..

Mum! Someone emptied the toy box!

There's someone else to take the attention away from MY ears
After bath time crazy zoomies are much more fun with someone else
It's actually not that bad having someone to cuddle up to when Mum and Dad aren't around.....
All in all, having a brother isn't that bad I guess. Especially if he keeps doing all the things I'm not supposed to do.

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  1. Don´t forget that you both double the cuteness which, I´m sure, means doubles your treats :) Did you let Olly in on footy already? Will be double fun to cheer for #goSwans!

    Hope you´re safe from the fires near you, they even hit German magazins headlines. Though I´ve read the weather is getting cooler and fires are under control? However, thinking of you all the time xxx´s