Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Naughty or Nice??

There's a lot of talk at the moment about who's naughty or nice and who made it on Santa's nice list. What I want to know is... isn't spying naughty? Why is Santa spying on all of us?
Not that I have anything to worry about, of course.

I have been very nice. I even have a T-shirt that says so.

My little brother Ollie, on the other hand....

Rummaging through Mum's handbag...

And MY Chewnel handbag!

No point trying to look innocent, Santa's always spying. watching  ...... note Mum's very old, now chewed Enid Blyton book

We have been eating a treat a day from our Advent Calendar, counting down to the day we find out if we made Santa's Nice List

We even met Santa himself, and asked him then but he gave nothing away... well, he did give us some treats and called me "fussy". I can't help it if I'm selective about what treats I have!

I guess we will have to wait and find out which list we're on when we finish the treats from our Advent Calendar....

Ollie and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We may not get another chance as Mum and Dad are abandoning us again. Yes, those passports have resurfaced... but that's another blog post.


  1. Happy Christmas you two! I bet you will have a blast - if those passports keep resurfacing perhaps you need to ensure that they are left with Ollie reach, he does like a good chew ;0)

  2. Oh no, the Enid Blyton books ... Ollie, rummaging in handbags, I understand, it´s pretty tempting but chewing the books *shakes head* But I´m sure Gemma will put in a good word for you and if it´s only it would assure she´s on Santa´s nice list :)

    Hugs you both and your Mum, wish you a pawsome festive season! wirh love xxx

  3. Absolutely love all the photos and the blog. Very neat that you have a new brother to boss around too. I will have to sniff around here more often. Looks like you have the same problem as I do (ahem, my brother Monkey!). WOOF

  4. You two are adorable! It is a little strange that Santa is a SPY...but I guess he has to do it so that the presents go to the correct doggies.
    *high paws*

  5. Spying is only naughty when it's not done by an absolutely adorable little pooch! It's always nice when done by adoraple pups! Happy holidays!

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