Friday, 27 April 2012

CSI Malaysia

It's been awhile since my last post but I have a good excuse. We have all been away on holidays. Unfortunately for me they were separate holidays... Mum and Dad went to Malaysia and I went to Port Stephens.

Mum and Dad were in another episode of CSI while they were away. (Note: see what happens when they go away without me?) They were wandering around some night markets, probably looking at presents for me when they got a call from Mum's uncle asking them to come home because the house they were staying in had been broken into.

The drive back to the house was filled with sickening dread. Mum had left their passports in the bedroom mistakenly thinking that was safer than carrying them round with her as she had heard a few stories about bag snatchers. (Note: why did they want to leave me for this?)

Mum and Dad rushed into their bedroom fearing the worst, but luckily the bedroom was no messier than how Dad had left it that morning. The nasty burglar had not gone into their bedroom. He had broken in through the kitchen door and gone straight upstairs. He was interrupted when someone came home and had left in a hurry. Even so, he managed to get away with a camera, a laptop and about $1000.

Disturbingly, the burglar had taken some knives from the kitchen, one of which he dropped in his hasty escape through the backyard, along with one of his shoes!

It was a small consolation to know that the burglar had not gone into their bedroom but Mum and Dad were still so uneasy about the break in and worried that he might come back later. I mean, he already knows the way around the house!

It was a long sleepless night for Mum and Dad. They kept waking up at every sound they heard. Peering out the window whenever a dog barked, convinced the burglar would return. When the power went out suddenly, they were convinced that the burglar had come back and cut the electricity! While their imaginations went into over drive and Dad was looking for a suitable weapon, the electricity came back on.

Fortunately for them, they left for an island paradise the next day and were able to relax and enjoy being on a remote island with unspoilt waters.

Fortunately for me, they remembered to come back for me.

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