Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mum's Little Helper

Mum is busy packing at the moment. It seems to be never ending. Our lounge room is filled with boxes! All clearly labelled with a number and what room it belongs to, which correlates to a colour coded floor plan. (anal retentive anyone?) Did I mention there is also a spreadsheet with a detailed list of contents?

Dad and I are in trouble for not helping as much as we can. In Dad's defence he is working weekends so he can't help much then. As for me... I have no idea what Mum is on about. I have been moving boxes as well as the packing tape. I didn't realise the boxes weren't supposed to end up in tiny pieces or that Mum needed to know where the packing tape was. Why did she put it down then?

Nobody told me that when Mum packs socks into a box, I'm not supposed to run off with it. It was fun running off with them and hiding from Mum.

Mum also thought that it would be nice to get the carpets cleaned for the new owners. I figured since the carpet man was cleaning them anyway, it wouldn't matter if I did a poo in the spare bedroom. Well the silly man ended up vacuuming over my poo, spreading it out all over the carpet! Luckily for him (and me), he had some super amazing carpet cleaner that magically made the horrible stain disappear.

All this "helping" is exhausting. I've decided that it would be easier (and safer) to just keep out of the way and have a nap. Unfortunately for Dad, that might not be an option for him.


  1. Me haves NEVER thought that me would see's a day where one of our hoomans was so UNappreciative of one of us anipals GENUINE attempts at helpings them!! You haves gone OUT OF YOUR WAY to helps your momma!!!! And what haves you gotten in return? Praise? NO! Pets? NO! Treats? NOOO!!!! You have received nuffings at all, 'cept for the overpowering, negative feelings of being totally UNappreciateds!!! Me is so vewy sowwy for you, Gemma! You haves twied so vewy hard to helps and have wecieved nuffings in weturns! As me continues to work on my "Hooman Punishments" bwog, me can only suggest that, for now, you STOPS doing fings to helps them. Let them does it for themselves!! As soon as me is done wif my bwog, you will be able to picks out a suitable and fitting punishment for the hooman(s) you wish to punish!! In the meantime, this bwog was excellent!! You is vewy descwiptive and me nose exactwy what you is is twyings to convey!! Job well done, Gemma!!

  2. Gemma, this is intolerable! You really have done far too much to be so under-appreciated! (And my mum is just as obsessive when it comes to packing and moving.) (Mr Bumpy - I seem to be stuck using Mum's Google ID when I comment on other blogs - very frustrating.)