Thursday, 24 May 2012

Left in The Dark

Dad was unpacking the shopping in the kitchen. Mum and I were standing just outside the front door. Suddenly all the lights went out and it was pitch-dark.

"What did you do?" This was Dad calling out immediately, assuming that Mum and I had caused the blackout. I think Mum and I would have preferred "Are you O.K?" to have been the first thing he said, not the second.

We soon realised that it was not just our house (unlike the other night when we blew a fuse temporarily!)..... the whole street was in complete darkness.

Only half an hour earlier Mum and Dad had bought a big torch, thinking that it would be perfect for situations just like this. Great. But where was it? After a few minutes of rummaging, Dad found it in a shopping bag. Great. But it needed batteries.... and a series of complicated clips had to be removed before the batteries could be installed.

We soon realised trying to work the torch out by the faint glow of a lighter was not ideal. So Dad went out to the garage and looked at it under the light in the car.

Meanwhile as I was standing in the dark near the front door, I heard Mum call out to me, worried that I was scared. Before I knew it, I was being picked up awkwardly but instead of the usual comfort of being in Mum's arms, I found myself being lifted by my two back legs causing me to do a handstand but in Mum's arms. Luckily Mum realised that I didn't "feel" right and picked me up the right way so I didn't have to be up side down for very long at all.

We went over to Mima in case he was scared too. Thank Dogness for Mum's phone which served as a mini torch while we waited for Dad.

Dad eventually got the torch working so we were able to find and light some candles around the room. It was quite cosy really if not a bit cold, but cuddling up to Mum and Dad made it better.

The light eventually came back on in about 2 hours. We now have an emergency box handy in case of another blackout and firewood close by so we can light the fire easily.

This was all I could see....


  1. Oh, Gemma!! You haves been thru so much!! be picked up "upside down"!! Not vewy comforting, is it! At least she realized it quickly!! Me hopes you haves a better time of fings in the future! At least, once you've lived there for a while, you will nose your way awound in the dark! Demand extra treats for all you've been fru!!

  2. The upside down doesn't sound fun, but at least you were all together for this little adventure. The power went out here for a little while this afternoon & my mom person went nuts without her computer *sigh*

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Assuming you still have the electricity to read this, I would like to present you with a Liebster Blog Award. It has just been awarded to me and I had to think of five other blogs to pass it on to, and I thought of yours!

    I have posted about it here:

    All the best


    1. Hi Pebbles! Wow! Thanks so much!!! xx

  4. Hi Gemma!
    It's me, Pixel Blue Eyes (@pixelblueeyes), from twitter!! I just found your blog on the Dogs with Blogs site I am thrilling! I never like it when the lights go off here...guess that happens all over the world at times. Getting picked up upside down was no fun, but your Mommy was good to quickly realize it.
    I have a blog too. I will add you to my blog roll of "Pixel Furriends". I have signed up to follow yours now. Will you come visit my blog sometime? You might like it. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
    Hugs & puppy kisses ~ Pixel

  5. Thanks for stopping by our blog. yours is SO adorable, your such a pretty girl!


  6. Hi Gemma, thanks for stopping by my blog! You sure are a cute thing!! What a scary situation this is! Glad you made it out ok!