Sunday, 20 May 2012

“Good Fences Make Good Neighbours”

I’m sorry for the long pause between blogs but moving house is very time consuming! We're finally here but have been busy unpacking and setting everything up. I've also spent time exploring my new garden and going for walks around the neighbourhood, meeting the local dogs.
It's so good to be here.... away from nasty Body Corporates and mean neighbours. My new neighbours have been extremely welcoming and charming.
After my first weekend here, I found out that a little dog lives 2 doors down from me. The lovely lady next door told me about him and said he looked just like me!
I was very excited to meet him and my Mum was keen for us to be mates, until his Mum came over to say hi and told us he was a grumpy old man who only liked cats. Joshua is also a Chihuahua cross Fox Terrier like me, except he is brown.
I refuse to believe that someone could not like me, so popped over to his house for a quick sniff and hello. Well, my Mum was very pleased that Joshua was on the other side of the fence as he was clearly not the Head of the Welcome Committee!
I am going to make it my mission to turn his crankiness around. Maybe if I meowed like a cat?
Stay tuned for updates on Operation Joshua.

There are many sun puddles to choose from.

Exploring the garden.


  1. who needs grumpy old men?! you a young spritely lady with great fashion sense, so many more puppies out there to love you! so happy you are in your new home with the yard, sun puddles & lots of places to explore! mwah Gemma love you XO

  2. glad you're enjoying everything Gemma! You could always try wearing a cat costume for Operation Joshua WOL

  3. Yogi's the head of the welcoming committee you should come to the dog park and meet him. He's like you thinks everyone should love him and refuses to accept there are some puppies who won't!

  4. Yeah!!!

    I am so pleased that you have found a lovely new house, good luck with OP JOSH - I look forward to hearing about how it is going!