Monday, 7 May 2012

Puppy's rights

Children screaming. People running past. Chatting while waiting for the lift. Thump. Bump.

All these things happen right outside my front door. All these things make me curious and I bark. Mum and Dad shhhh me and I stop.

Four days a week Mum and Dad go to work and I'm home alone. I'm lucky Dad gets a day off during the week and Mum gets weekends off. While they're at work I sleep, I play and I probably do bark occasionally. Mum knows this because she has recorded me. (Privacy, anyone?)

We live in an apartment  building where they had a vote and decided that I can't live here. Even though I'm never on common property or cause any problems. So my Mum and Dad sold this apartment and bought us a lovely house with a beautiful garden. Even this is not enough. We just got an email today saying that I have to go straight away even though we are moving in 3 days. The man who looks after the building has threatened to call the RSPCA and tell them I'm left alone during the day and therefore neglected and distressed unless my Mum and Dad "remove" me immediately.

Luckily for me, my Mum and Dad love me and are not going to throw me out of the house. We are just going to ignore the unreasonable people and hope the next few days go by quickly. I can't wait to move to our new house where I can just be me.


  1. Oh poor Gemma. There are some nasty busy bodies around. I'm sure these three days will fly by and you'll be in your new home very quickly. Casey said if you were closer you could come an keep her company for the 3 days as your both members of the #bigearsclub. Keeping everything crossed that Mr Nasty leaves you and ma and pa alone. (make sure you leave him a present when you leave.....right outside his front door) Bol. Take care xx

  2. Dear Gemma
    They know you are moving and can't wait for THREE days!!! Don't worry darling the RSPCA will not remove you as they know how loved you are. Your Building's Body Corporate Committee will find dealing with the RSPCA much more difficult than they think. Proof of cruelty will be required and all their arguments will be pooh hooed and the RSPCA should counter sue them for wasting their time!
    Can't wait for you to have your own home and garden.
    Busy bodies with so much time to waste should voluteer at the RSPCA!
    With love Jessie

  3. Gemma,
    At our last house, we had a strange man across the road who would constantly yell abuse at Mum about Mr Woof barking. (Once he even came complaining that she didn't stop the noise of the wild birds in the trees in front of our house!)
    We live in a nice neighbourhood now, where almost everyone has pets, and they all think Mr Woof and I are both cute.
    I hope the people in your new neighbourhood are sensible and think you're cute!
    Mr Bumpy,
    (This comment is not meant to indicate that I in any way find dogs cute.)

    1. Mr Bumpy, I know you secretly love me and Mr Woof but I won't tell anyone. :) So glad you live in a nice neighbourhood now. We do too. xx

  4. Gemma, I'll be rite over. I need a map refurrence fur dat guys nostrils.
    WeK x

  5. body corps are the worst Gemma. the President here is insane & drunk on power. luckily we allowed to be here, but would love to be away from other people's pettiness!!! good on mum & dad for finding a happy home for all of you. mwah XO

    1. What is it about Body Corporates? So many people have the same stories. They think they have so much power but it's all confined to a block of units! Where we used to live, they even locked a door which was a direct way for mum to get in from the main entrance because they decided to put a curfew on! So if mum was late she had to walk around!

  6. Poor Gemma!

    I'm glad you moved house and what a great Mummy, and Daddy you have for doing so.

    Thankfully we have beautiful puppies like you in the world because there are some mean humans!