Sunday, 8 July 2012

Gardening Thyme

It was a beautiful sunny day today. I thought it was perfect for napping in a sun puddle but Mum had other ideas. Apparently it was perfect for gardening.

There are some plants that grow everywhere in the garden but Mum likes to pull them up. I don't know why. She needs all the help she can you'd think if something is growing she would be happy and leave it be, but no, she insists on pulling these plants called weeds up.

No weeds up here

Checking on the parsley. My piggy brother loves this!

Dad might need this for kindling tonight

Mondo what?
Do you think we have enough Rosemary?

Taking time out to smell the flowers

What are we planting here, Mum?
And my reward for being such a good gardener today......

I may not look too impressed here, but I do love baths. I get very excited when Mum fills the tub. Who's Yoda??!

Some gardening jokes...

Q: How well is your garden going to grow?
A: Only thyme will tell

Q: Why did the gardener quit?
A: His celery wasn’t high enough

Q: Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes?
A: They were too corny



  1. Hello Gemma,
    Mr Woof likes to help Mum in the garden too. I just like to dig up things Mum plants. She says I'm no help - but if she didn't want them dug up, she shouldn't have put them in the dirt!
    Mr Bumpy

  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Did you leave one of your ears in the garden Gemma?
    Billy. xxx

  3. your herbs are doing so well already. it must be all the help you tending to them & watching over them. mwah XXX clingycat