Friday, 20 July 2012

Yoda is back!

What do we have in common?

Yes, that's right. We are all extremely cute. A less obvious reason that you may not have picked up on is that Yoda, the bilby and I all have very perky ears.

You can imagine how worried Mum and Dad were one day when they found me looking like this.

It turns out that I had an allergic reaction which caused my ear to become red and inflamed and FLOPPY! I also had a rash on my neck.

My Dad took me to the vet who gave me some cream and tablets to take. He couldn't be sure what I was allergic too, but it could be any number of things. We live next to the bush and I'm exposed to all sorts of plants and bugs here.

I was feeling a bit down but the cream and tablets worked really quickly. I didn't like it when Mum applied the cream on my rash. The tablets weren't too bad... actually I don't think I even had any. I just got a piece of cheese each night. I'm not sure what happened to the tablets.

I narrowly escaped the dreaded cone. I did hear Mum and Dad discussing it when they saw me scratching. Lucky for me the rash has cleared up. And my ear just mysteriously popped back up!

It's great that things are back to normal now but even better to know that Mum and Dad love me with or without Yoda ears. They just love me!

Still cute!


  1. Very happy that you are back looking normal Gemma *pawhugs*

  2. Wheek! Glad you managed to avoid the "cone of shame" Gemma. Glad you're feeling better Miss Perkey-Ears.

  3. Wow Gemma, so glad you avoided the cone of shame, and you're all better now. Good that your tablets disappeared as well (Mr Woof and I both hate tablets.)
    Purrs from Mr Bumpy

  4. You look very cute with your floppy ear, until I realised it meant you were unwell! At least you have figured out a really obvious way to tell them!

  5. She looks like my Melody!! When Mel gets hot or tired her ear flops.