Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Terrible Ones

Overheard Mum and Dad discussing "The Terrible Ones". Something about how some human kids get really naughty when they get to "The Terrible Twos".  No idea why they were saying Terrible Ones then.

Anyway, I'm turning 1 on the 12th of August!!! I am so excited. I am having a birthday party with my grandparents, neighbours and my special friend Bailey is coming with his Mum.

Mum told me that I'm very lucky to be having a party as I have been a little naughty.....

Redesigned Mum's shoes...

General silliness...

I've also been practising selective hearing when I want to explore the garden instead of going inside with Mum.

To give me some credit, I have been much better behaved since going out with my new walker and getting more excercise and interaction during the week while Mum and Dad are busy at work.

Now where is the other shoe.....


  1. Well done Gemma, I can't imagine why your parents say you've been bad.
    Mr Bumpy

  2. I think you've improved your mum's shoes no end. Hugs. Billy

  3. Wow, good work with that shoe Gemma! Now you just need to work on making the other one match ;)