Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I gave Mum and Dad a big scare last week. Late in the evening, just as I was coming in from the garden, I started to cough and choke. I eventually threw up but still had trouble breathing.

Mum and Dad rushed me to the emergency hospital. They were convinced I had swallowed something and was choking. After giving me an X-ray, the specialist came out saying that there was nothing stuck in me. Mum and Dad were relieved for two seconds until the specialist pulled up a chair and sat down.

This was not a good sign. She went on to say that I had an enlarged esophagus which meant I was in danger of getting fluid in my lungs and pneumonia. The main causes were ticks or sometimes this conditions just develops.

Mum's eyes started leaking heaps as the specialist said that I had to stay there on a drip. I was so scared as I was taken to a cage in the back room.

I ended up staying at the hospital in the ICU for two nights!!  Mum took a day off work to stay with me and they visited me as often as they could.

I got this Get Well message from my best pal Bailey. Thank you!

It was such a scary time for me and for Mum and Dad. All the messages of love and support we received from my Twitter pals meant so much to us.
Can I go home yet?
I had another X-ray on the second day and it showed that my esophagus  had righted itself!!! The specialist was amazed and said that I could go home if Mum and Dad watched my eating and breathing closely.

Waiting for the doctor

Resting at home

I had my leg shaved in hospital!

 I had a follow up scan a week later which showed a normal esophagus. The Vet I saw said that I was a mystery! He hadn't seen this condition fix itself so quickly before. They were originally going to do a scope but said it was best to let sleeping dogs lie.

So I'm now back to my usual bouncy self. The only difference is that Mum is watching me very closely for any signs of choking and I have been getting smaller portions of food! The up side of smaller portions is I get food more frequently so I guess I'll cope.

Thanks again to all my special friends who cared about me when I was ill. I love you all.


  1. I is so glad that you has gotted well and all! The ICU must have been scary and you is so brave

  2. So glad to hear you're ok now Gemma! Keep perky :)!

  3. Oh Gemma, a whole night at the v-e-t. What a trauma! Not even a dog deserves something that awful. So glad you're better now.
    Mr Bumpy, Bloggercat

  4. I am so pleased to hear that you are back to normal, and hurray that you are extra special (which we already new) and have fixed yourself so quickly!!

  5. Gemma, you have no idea how relieved Badger, my staff and I are to hear that you are better. Bug piggy hugs and kisses from all of us. Love Billy. xxx