Sunday, 12 August 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I have had the best weekend! It's my birthday today and I had a party yesterday.

My grandparents, neighbours, Alicia my lovely walker and my best pal Bailey all came over to help me celebrate my 1st birthday.

My mum who never bakes, got up at 6 in the morning to make me a chicken & vegetable pupcake with yoghurt frosting and liver sprinkles.

It was such an exciting day. Bailey and I had heaps of fun together. He is such a good friend, he didn't even mind when I ate his share of the cake as well.

My the cheese & liver sprinkles!

Party cups

Baby photos.. how embarrassing!

This cake was supposedly for me.. but I wasn't allowed to eat it.

Sharing birthday pupcake with Bailey

Biscuits that Mum made

Sharing my toys with Bailey... see his pretty bow?

Paw balloons

Come on Bailey!

Showing Bailey the garden

Having a rest from partying

Take home treat bag

Some of the lovely presents I got from my wonderful Twitter pals Dugal, Ruger & Stanley
I think I could get used to this birthday thing... when's the next one?


  1. Awe Gemma ty for sharing your precious birthday snaps with us xxx's and hope you still enjoying your birthday

  2. Oh Gemma!!! Dat looks like the most bestessst fun!! Da mum & I are so glad that your pupcake turned out grate. and we love the hooman's cake too. We seen owr card as well!!!

    Happiest happiest birfday wishes to you!!! I wish we could haf a birfday pawtee efurytime a dog year was up, not a human year!!! That would be soooooo much better. ;)

    Play bows

  3. Happy birthday Gemma! Congratulations on your one year old day! We loved the photographs of your birthday and your two legged ones are the best for throwing you such a great celebration party! Wonderful! I hope you are angling for a 'birthday month' which is what I do - I claim the WHOLE of November as my 'Birthday Month' so I can get spoilt every day!



    PS that pupcake looked AMAZING!

  4. Aww happy 1st birthday Gemma! Adorable celebration, glad to see you had such a good time.

  5. Happy birthday Gemma. I wish I could have come to your party. Love the cake. Did your Dad make it.

    Love Billy xxx

  6. Meow! That looks like it was a really fun party, Gemma. I've never had a birthday party.
    Happy Birthday,
    Mr Bumpy

  7. What a fun pawty! Happy belated barkday!

    We gave you an award! Come by to pick it up when you get a chance!