Sunday, 5 August 2012

5, 6, Pick Up Sticks....

I don't really like balls. I've seen other dogs making their Mums and Dads throw the ball for them endlessly, just so they can run after it and bring it back.

Once Dad threw the ball to me... I didn't catch it, it just hit me in the head!

One thing I do love is sticks. And where we live now is Sticks Galore! The tricky part is getting them past Mum so I can take them into the house.

Is that a stick over there?

Got it!!

Sometimes I find a special stick that needs altering so that it is less conspicuous.

Just a little bit more...

This is a good one... better take it before Dad uses it for kindling

 Mum doesn't appreciate what a good stick collector I am though. Although she did get quite excited when she found my collection in her bed under the doona.

Quick someone open the door for me before Mum gets here...

I'm surprised Mum and Dad aren't happier that I have a hobby that doesn't involve redesigning Mum's shoes. And they don't even need to throw it for me over and over and over again.


  1. Ah Gemma, the ways of two legged ones are a mystery! Me, personally, I think your hobby is great - really, it has all the hallmarks of a great hobby - clean, good fun - it doesn't involve anything that will smell after a few days, it doesn't involve any energy on their part, it gets you out in the fresh air etc etc. Geez, they are so hard to please aren't they???



    1. Hi Groucho! I don't understand either. And it's not like I don't share... I leave my collection of chewed up sticks in their bed frequently. :)

  2. Never happy are they?!

  3. Hi Gemma,

    I have two hobbies. One of them is jingle balls - and I have trained my humans to throw them so I can bring them back. It gives them something to do. (You can't have bored humans.)

    I've never been into sticks - but I do collect small animals: mice, grasshoppers, lizards, mina birds (when they're not in a huge flock attacking me.) My Mum also has a rule about me bringing my treasures into the house. Her ridiculous "no corpses in the house rule" has caused endless problems.

    I don't know why humans have problems with our collections. Like you, I share my treasures. I even put a mouse under the Christmas tree with all the other presents last year.

    All I can say is that I believe humans are thoroughly unreasonable.

    Mr Bumpy
    Supreme Feline Overlord

  4. Gemma you can always teleport your stash of sticks to my garage as there is plenty of space and we don't have a fire for them to get turned to ashes *pawhugs* and Love

  5. My baby boy, Flash, loves sticks, too. When we had a doggie door he was constantly bringing them in the house. It was funny to watch him turn sideways to get really big sticks through the door. Sticks are good.