Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My New Walker

Some of my twitter pals will know that Mum has been concerned about whether I was happy to go out with my walker. She just had a feeling that something wasn't right. She kept telling Dad that I seemed sad on the days that I'd gone out. Whenever Mum would ask my walker how I was, she wouldn't get much of a response.

Mum found out that someone else was coming to pick me up (not the person we met initially!) and I was being taken with a whole group of dogs to the Dog Park and spent it sitting around with my walker, not getting any exercise.

One of the reasons Mum chose this walker was because she offered to take photos of me on my walks. We were later told we would only get these monthly. However, when the end of the month came, we were told these photos were not available!

Mum decided to follow her instincts and made her mind up to find me another walker. Mum and Dad are at work so much that they think it's important that I get some interaction during the week.

We met a lovely girl called Alicia last week. She is extremely professional and so passionate about dogs. She put Mum's mind at ease and was genuinely interested in me. I liked her.

I went for my first walk with Alicia today. I had so much fun!

Alicia has a little chihuahua called Bailey. The first time Bailey came to my house we were unsure of each other. We got along better today. Hopefully we can be friends!

Not a word about the size difference thanks!

Thank you Alicia. I think I might have found a friend as well as a walker.

Please check out Alicia's website at She also has a cool online shop with heaps of beautiful things for pups. I'm trying to convince Dad I need more clothes!


  1. So glad you like Alicia Gemma. My male staff would love to walk you himself, but he thinks it might be too far for him to come.

  2. I am so pleased that you have found a new better walker! I look forward to hearing about the adventures you will have!

  3. Gemma we are so glad your mum trusted her instincts -thank goodness the two legged ones have such good instincts! It sounds and looks like your new walker is very nice. Walkers are the best - mine takes me out with other four legged ones every mon- thurs and we have the most amazing adventures!!!



  4. Gee Gemma, do you have a rule like Mr Woof's about not leaving the yard without a human? You dogs really need to have good humans to leave the yard with. Glad you've got a good human to go walkies with now.
    Mr Bumpy

  5. Gemma, your mum & dad love you so much! What a smart puppy u r letting your mum know that first walker wasn't good enough. I think u and Bailey are going to get on famously!!!!