Monday, 16 July 2012


Every month, Grandma, Mum and I go to this place where there's a fountain, beautiful flowers and gardens. We take a bunch of flowers to add to the rose tree that is already there.

It's usually sunny when we're there and we have a lovely time sitting by the fountain. I like to watch the fish. Sometimes they splash and scare me. No I'm not a scaredy cat! Some of them look bigger than me!

Sometimes we feed the fish.

Mum tells me that this is a place to remember my Grandpa. I've never met him but I think I would have loved him. He was an amazing Dad to my Mum and was the true meaning of unconditional love.

He had to go away a few years ago, much sooner than anyone thought. Especially my Mum. She misses him dearly, every single day and sometimes gets leaky eyes thinking about him.

Even though we know we can remember all the happy memories and think of Grandpa wherever we are, I really enjoy going to this place with Grandma and Mum every month.


  1. Badger and I both have leaky eyes for your Mum Gemma. My staff too. Such a lovely, peaceful looking place though. I sure your Grandpa is very happy there and that he's looking after you all. Hugs and love.
    Billy, Badger and staff.

  2. What a lubly way to 'member your Grandpa. It looks like a beautiful place & I fink woo can haf happy memories ob Grandpa der. I sends sume special nose kisses fur Mum.

    Gentle paws

  3. Gemma,
    It's really nice that you go with your Mum and Grandmum. I bet they feel better having you with them. You look after your humans very well.
    Mr Bumpy

  4. Gemma, what a lovely post. It's wonderful that your Mum's dad is remembered in this way. Losing someone we love is so, so hard and sometimes, we think that it will never get better. You are very sweet to go with your mum and we are all sure here that when she has leaky eyes, having you around is a great comfort.



  5. Gemma, that is such a beautiful place to experience memories of your grandpa. I know he would have loved & spoiled you. XOXO. thank you for sharing such a special place with us.
    mwah Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow

  6. Gemma thank you for sharing this beautiful & special place with us. I know your grandpa loves you a lot & thanks you for looking after his girls.
    mwah Jazz & Captain Worm-Sparrow