Saturday, 10 March 2012

Are we getting chickens?

The mystery continues. I watched very closely last night and exactly the same thing happened. Except this time mum's eyes were more than weepy... the tears trickled down her cheeks. I gave her a big cuddle and licks after. She told me that her tummy hurts. No surprise there! I wouldn't like getting needles in my tummy either.

I am no closer to finding out what is going on. But I did hear talk about eggs. Mum and dad said they were hoping for eggs. What does the needle have to do with eggs?

The only eggs I know are the ones dad uses to make pancakes. But he didn't make pancackes last night.

I know! Maybe we are getting chickens! I've seen them on TV and we are moving to a place with a garden so that could be it.

I hope they get one like this. It's cute!

I will let you know when the chickens arrive. I hope they're sleeping with the pigs and not me.

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