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I never thought I'd say it but I now count a few cats as my closest anipals! After getting to know them, they are actually not that bad! All you dogs out there who don't agree should give them a chance. Some cats are really lovely!

Here is an interview with one of my best cat pals, Dugal. He lives with 2 other cats Wicket and McGonagall.

What's it like living with Wicket and McGonagall?
It is fun living with Wicket because he and I play together a lot, we both lay on our backs with our bellies in the air and we chase each other’s tails.  We play in boxes together and both love to play with toy springs. I don’t like McGonagall so much because she is bossy and she smacks me for no reason.  She doesn’t play with me much either.  

Gasp! She smacks you? She does look a bit scary actually.
She is the queen of the house because she was here for quite a few years before us. She still thinks the house is hers and we are her minions so she smacks us with her claws out if she thinks that we are doing something wrong. She is a scary black panfur. 
The best part of sharing with Wicket and McGonagall is that I get to clean their plates up after they have eaten.  Wicket is a slow eater so I can push him out of the way and get more dinner.  



Was this picture of Wicket taken after a big weekend?
MOL! That pic was taken after a night on the tiles. He often has those. He is a bit of a party boy.

I have observed something interesting... can you tell me why cat's bottoms go up when you pat them?
Well, I have bad news about that Gemma.  Wicket and I don’t do that. If you do that to me, I will run away and Wicket will bite you if you do it to him.  McGonagall likes it.  We think that it feels really nice to some kitties but not others.  We  push our heads up into our staffs’ hands and rub our faces against their faces to encourage them to scritch our ears instead.  We sit up like Meer cats when we want our faces rubbed.

Wow. I can't imagine not liking it. I love it when someone pats me.
We all like to be patted or scritched in different ways here. McGonagall likes her left ear scritched but not her right. She reminds staff with a nip if they get it wrong. Wicket likes the back of his neck scritched hard and staff call me a sookylala because I just like attention (face rubs, ear scritches, chin rubs, soft and gently tummy rubs)

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
We are inside cats so we are not quite sure about a deserted island.  If you mean what would we take with us if we had to leave home, then that’s easy: 1. Staff, 2. Roo mince, 3. Nip toys & Lego boxes ;-). Is that a good answer?  Thinking about it, we do have another house on an island, but it’s not deserted.  So, if you mean that everyone ran away and left us on the island by ourselves, then we already have staff, roo mince, nip toys, springs and Lego boxes installed so nothing.  So I think the answer is.... It depends on your definition of a deserted island. :-)

Would you break the law to save a loved one?
There are no laws for cats, except some councils reckon that they can control us.  Ever tried to make a cat do what you want? So there is not need to break any laws.  We are good at breaking house rules. We pretend they don’t exist and look innocent.  Twitter must have them because it put us in jail the other day but we just made another account so that didn’t matter either.  I think the answer is that we wouldn’t need to break any laws to save a loved one (that means anyone that feeds us) because there aren’t any.

Footy or tennis?
Ping pong then nip footy. But only if the cats are playing.

What's the obsession with boxes?Aha, that’s a story in itself and staff is just finishing off a blog on that topic. Needless to say Lynley Dodd got it absolutely right when she wrote “My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes”.

Thanks Dugal. To know more about these 3 lovely kitties or follow their adventures, go to

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