Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Law & Order Criminal Intent

What a night! Mum and I were having a cuddle on the couch when we heard the sound of metal sliding across the tiles at the entrance of our front door.
We looked over and saw that it was a blade from a box cutter. Mum very carfeully picked it up with some paper towel (too much Law & Order or CSI) . She was very upset because apparently it’s something that would hurt me if I picked it up to play with. Her first thought was that maybe the man that complained about me living here or someone else wanted to hurt me.
We live in a security building and you need security tags to get into the building. Right after we saw the blade, we heard someone go down in the lift.
As Dad was at work, Mum called the security man who said he would go through the security footage and let us know.
After half an hour of us worrying, the security man called us to his office saying he knows who did it. We went to the office to watch the video. We saw a creepy looking man get into the lift holding something wrapped in a tissue. He seemed to be holding it to his side. Then a couple got into the lift with him. When they got in, the man hid whatever he was holding behind his back. When the couple got out of the lift, the man got the blade out and started to wipe it clean with the tissue.
Mum and I watched the footage in horror as we got goose bumps (mum’s arms and my tummy). We didn’t know this man. We’d never seen him before and he definitely didn’t live on our floor.
We saw him walk out of the lift and walk back in about a minute later. He then walked out of the building.
The security man fast forwarded to determine how he got into the building and whether he used a key. But he didn’t actually come in the front door.
We saw that he originally got into the lift from the basement (Mum worked it out from the floor and brightness of the area outside the lift door) which means he would have had to follow a car in after they used their tag for access.
We went back up to our unit while the security man bravely walked around the building. Even though no harm was done, Mum and I just felt really uncomfortable about the whole situation.
Mum sent Dad messages but he was in the middle of service and couldn’t get to his phone.
After several frantic text messages Dad finally called. He was very puzzled by the whole thing. He tried to reassure Mum who was very upset (there was talk of her being emotional because of egg thing) and suddenly Dad worked it out! He knew who that creepy man was!
Earlier that morning, Dad had met a man at the front of our building. He lives in of the blocks here. They had a conversation about these stickers that had been stuck on their cars (another story) and how difficult they were to get off without leaving a mess on your window. The "creepy" man told Dad that he used a box cutter to get it off and he offered to lend it to Dad!!!!!!
By this stage Mum and I were already on our way to Dad's work. We felt so uneasy being home alone and it was a relief to know that no one wanted to hurt me or do anything to our house. We decided to go to Dad's work anyway and had fun waiting for him.
I think I see Dad!

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  1. Really scary so you must help Mummy to be calm. She need it. Brave girls! X-)