Monday, 12 March 2012

Billy & Badger

I love my anipals. They are the best. Over the next week I will be doing a series of exclusive interviews on my blog featuring some of my friends.

Please allow me to introduce one of my best mates Billy and his buddy Badger. My piggy brother Steve has known them for awhile and I've gotten to know and love them too.

Hi Badger! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

George Orwell.

The Biggest Loser.

Approximately twelve inches.

Cyclone Tracy

Papua New Guinea


Those are my answers. Billy said you had some questions for me.

Errr... well here's my first question. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

George Orwell.

What is your top people peeve?

They only have two feet.

I've been reading Billy's blog. Do you have a foot fetish?

Certainly not.

What makes you popcorn?

I wasn’t aware that I needed a reason.

What would you buy if you were given a million dollars?

Foot shampoo.

Thanks Badger. Hi Billy! Thanks for your time. You have beautiful hair... do you have any beauty tips?

Get Gemma to slobber on you at least twice a day. Also eat plenty of basil. It does nothing for your hair but it tastes great.

If you were a fruit what would you be?

Mmm. I often ask myself that question in my more serious moments. I’m not keen on fruit generally. I liked tomatoes yesterday, but that could be different today. So bearing all that in mind I’d have to say cumquats.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Being photographed mounting Badger by the paparazzi (My male staff). I told him I was just on Badger’s back trying to get a better view of the telly, but I don’t think he believed me.

*Hides a giggle behind paw* What is an essential item in your luggage when going on holidays?

I never, ever leave the country without being slobbered on by Gemma. You just can’t get Gemma slobber overseas and my hair would soon be a mess without it.

Who would you give the last cucumber to?

I’d give my last cucumber to anyone who didn’t like cucumber. Then I could have it myself without suffering pangs of guilt.

    Thanks Billy and Badger. Read more about their adventures at


      1. Me can't wait to be interviewed by you!!! You haves the most interwesting questions in the world. Me has to says that this interview was 'specially funny cause of the interviewee's answers!! He is vewy funny and me always laughs vewy hard at Badger's fings that he says!!
        Once again, your bwog does NOT disappoint and contains the wight mixtures of incisive questions, informative comments, funny stuffs and gweat subject matter!! My only advice is that it needs to contain somefing bout POOPIE!!! Not enough poopie could be detrimental Just have more poopies next time!!

        Much love and poopies, Scotty (and Oreo & Laddy too)

      2. WOL hilarious! Not sure who was funnier, Billy or Badger, but whee certainly enjoyed reading their interview.