Monday, 19 March 2012

Katie & Grace

This is my exclusive interview with 2 lovely whippets.

Name one thing you love about each other.Grace about Katie: She has a snuggly bum.  (see picture)

Katie about Grace: She is a good cat early warning system.

 Is there a song that you can't resist dancing to?Both: We don't listen to many songs, only in the car when the radio is on. We
make our own songs up.  Like, when mummy comes home from shopping we go:
Where you been, where you been, where you been? What you got? what you got?
what you got? Been, been, been? Got, got, got?....
Then shove your nose in whatever bags mummy has got.
Going for a walk, going for a walk, going for a walk!
In tune to bouncing

If you were a biscuit what sort would you be?Katie: All butter shortbread - because I can have those and Grace cannot!

Grace: Digestive - because they are the only ones I ever get - other than

What is your most embarrassing moment?Katie: Running into an Electric Fence - Ouch!

Grace: Grassy poo dangle

Park or couch?Katie: Couch - you never know, someone might try to steal it if I do not
guard it.
Grace: Park, running with my friends!

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