Thursday, 8 March 2012

Strange late night goings on

I don’t like Dad’s chef jacket. Every time he puts it on it means that he’s leaving me. Just like when mum fills my Kong up and picks up her handbag.
Apparently they have to go to this thing called work so that they can buy me toys and food. I’m not one to turn down new toys or treats but I think I would almost prefer to just have them home with me.
My favourite time of the day is when the 3 of us are together having cuddles in bed.
The one good thing about being apart is when they come home. I am always so happy and excited to see them. I also do this thing with my ears…. I pin them back and make a silly soppy lovey dovey face.
My piggy brothers wheek very loudly when Mum and Dad come home but I secretly think it’s because they’re excited about getting vegetables! I on the other hand, am just truly and completely happy to see them. Mum comes home earlier and then we wait for Dad.
Something strange has been happening in our house though. Mum and I usually wait up together for Dad when he’s working late. We'd cuddle up, watch TV or read until Dad finishes work. 
For the last couple of weeks, when Dad comes home, usually with a treat he’s saved me from the restaurant, I've noticed that he takes something out of the fridge. He then sits down, screws on a sharp pointy needle to the end of it and after wiping a spot on Mum’s tummy, he pushes the needle into her!!!
I’ve been watching very carefully from the other couch as they tell me not to bump Dad and each night I notice that Mum’s eyes get weepy when this happens. She also looks like she’s going to faint but not in the same way like when she spots a Sydney Swans player around.
I don’t know what’s going on but I know Mum loves a cuddle from me after this happens. It's a mystery! I’ll be watching closely tonight…..
Watching Mum and Dad very closely....

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  1. What's happening with your mummy Gemma? You must let me know as soon as you find out.
    Love Billy & Badger