Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scotty Bunny

Hi Scotty Bunny. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.  
Handsome Scotty
Can you tell me who's better to live with, Oreo or Laddy?
Hmmm...they is both pwetty cool buns! was here first and so me is "ALPHA-BUN"!!! Laddy doesn't seems to bunderstands that me is the alpha! She twies to takes over by thumping her thumpers and gwabbing the gate in her teefs & shaking & bitings it! It's vewy loud and doesn't 'complish a fing! Silly bun! Now Oreo....he is so hoppy to be wescued that he haves never challenged me for alpha! (like he could even win....hrumpf!) He noms & sweeps up on momma's bed so nofing else weally matters to him!

Gorgeous Oreo
Pretty Laddy
With Easter approaching, are you worried that the Bilby is taking over Easter in Australia and is more popular than the Easter bunny?
What the hell is a Bilby? So......NO! Me isn't all!!!

This is a Bilby... I think you're both gorgeous!
Easter Bilby in Australia
Beach or Snow?
Me is a Florida bun so, wike momma, me haves never see'd snow!! Me would wike to see's it and makes a snow-bun, but me would 'specially wikes to POOPIES in it!!!! (heehee!....poopie, poop, poopie, POOPIE!!!!) Me would puts my poopie in the snow in lops of different shapes, so me guesses you would calls me a Poopie Artist!!! Me doesn't wikes sands in my fur!!
What annoys you the most?
The most 'noying fing IN THE WORLD is when hoomans wook at me when I is doesing somefing! It doesn't matter what me is doesing, me doesn't wikes to be wooked at!! The worst is my hooman Sissy! She walks through MY living room AND WOOKS AT ME while she is walking.....through MY living room!! Me is gettings mad just finking bout it *THUMPS* When she does that, me puts my ears back & down, growls & charges her feet! Me keeps growlings & charging till me haves runned her out of MY living room! 'Scuse is so mad, me haves to stops for a minute!

*30 minutes later*

 Whew!!! Ok, where was me? Oh yea, next question.

Would you rather eat dog food or cat food?
Why would me want to eats dog OR cat food? Me haves never twied eifur one so me doesn't nose! My answer is: neifur one!!!!

Dog food is pretty yum but I also like food that my piggy brothers eat.
Who would you give the last carrot to?
That's easy!!! Me would gives my last cawwot to Bwian bun!! It would be a cawwot that could bwing himback to his momma, Aunty Kawen, and back to all of us too!!! It would be a special cawwot just for Bwian bun!! Me hopes that me did a good job for you and me hopes me gaveded you good answers!! You haved good questions for me!! Fanks you for wanting to interview me!!

Thanks heaps Scotty. To read more about Scotty's adventures go to

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