Monday, 26 March 2012

Where are the chickens???

A few posts ago I told you I thought that we might be getting chickens so we can get eggs. I heard Mum and Dad talk about eggs after funny "jections" that would happen every night.

And since we were moving to a place with a garden, I was convinced that we were getting a couple of these fluffy things....

Turns out I might be wrong.... there have been no sign of any chickens, fluffy or otherwise. And last week the "jections" stopped. Poor Mum wasn't having leaky eyes after needles anymore. They just came home one day and said the egg was in Mum!!! Yes!! You read it right... the egg was in my Mum, NOT in the fridge like you'd expect.

The plot thickens. So no chickens, and Mum has eaten the egg.

Dad said we have to wait now. Mum said we have to wait and see if the egg grows into something special. I wonder what it might be.

I don't like waiting but it must be worse for Mum and Dad. Mum said that it's very hard to wait, especially when it's something you have no control over. She says you feel really helpless, wanting to be positive but scared to be too hopeful. And you worry about everything and then worry that you're worrying too much!

Whatever it is that this egg is supposed to grow into, I really hope it does, because I know how much my Mum and Dad want it.

Maybe it's a frog? They grow from eggs don't they?


  1. G'day Gemma,
    I noticed yr other blog abt chikens & it go me thinkin. I've hurd peepl talk abt these eggs before. I decided it waz too urrly fur me to comment, & I just crossed me paws.
    Now I've read this blog, I reckon it mus be somethin to do with Easter. Did u see if it was a choklit egg? Wait two weeks til afta Easter, than give yur Mum a speshall nuzzle.
    In anycase, I think u shd cross yr paws fur yr Mum & Dad... Let's hope dat egg grows into anuvva little Gem!
    Cheers pal,
    WeK xox

  2. Wow Gemma, jections sound like a no fun strange thing for to bring eggs!

    I know this post was from months ago, but I hope your people parents keep getting eggs to turn into froggies! Froggies are fun for to chase.